project life : week 3.

Week 3 and I still love this project. Seriously.

I am posting the weekly updates every Thursday from the previous week. So far, it's working for me.
This week's pictures aren't as nice as usual. First of all, I haven't been feeling all that hot this week so yesterday on my off day I pretty much took it easy and wasn't very productive. Towards the end of the day I started to have more energy so I worked on Week 3. The pictures were taken in our bedroom, so the lighting was terrible. But it's finished, and I'm happy with it.

The left side of the spread shows Kev helping Brady doing his homework, I was on the other side of the table helping Natalie do her homework. For kindergarten, the homework is super quick but she loves to sit there at the table and do her's with her big brother. She feels like one of the big kids with homework finally. The three photos in the middle spread are of the apple chai tea from Starbucks Kev surprised me with one day, the two big thick textbooks for school, and a photo of the drinks from a night out with my Mom and aunt. The bottom left 6x4 photo is blurred out for privacy reasons. The yellow/orangish envelope holds some private journaling I want to cherish hence why I put a cherish sticker on the front!
The right hand side of the spread is more photos. I journaled a little bit on our Friday night out to ourselves. The "just you and me babe" heart shape is from a freebie I found online and I cannot remember the site! I have to start writing down where I get these freebies from, they are so cute!

The middle photos are from the weekend at the lake and our Sunday when it was girls and boys day. Natalie and I had a girls day at the aquarium, and the boys went to a Nuclear Cowboyz show with motorcross and tricks.
It's so awesome to have this huge binder full of our life. As we are living it. Right now. In the moment. Loving it!
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