project life : week 2.

Week 2 and still loving this project.
The left side of week 2 starts with a photo of The Bachelor and the Notre Dame/Alabama game. It was the first night of The Bachelor, and Kev usually watches it with me. Since their was a pretty important football game on we switched back and forth between commercials. I started Jazzercise and Zumba this week. I trimmed down a piece of paper that came in the packet, and kept the actual bag they gave me and trimmed that down also. 
The right side of week 2 starts with a photo from our girls dinner.  The first one of our monthly get-togethers. My plan is to take a photo each time. I went grocery shopping and spent a pretty penny there and saved over $40 with the Kroger Plus card. It's the little things in life right? lol  Kev and I got the flu shot after my mom hounding me to get it sooner than later. So we did and I just had to take a photo of it to send her for proof lol

The weather was awesome on Saturday, took a photo of the weather app on the iPhone to capture it. The kids were outside for 6 plus hours. They were in heaven.  We have been going to church every Sunday, and I trimmed down the bulletin and journaled a few things on there. We let the kids pick where they want to sit each week, and they take turns doing it.
This documenting every week thing is pretty fun, it keeps me on my toes for sure. I love it! To have twenty thirteen documented in this format will be just awesome.
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