january goals.

For twenty thirteen, I'm going with monthly goals verses yearly. You see, last year I set yearly goals and did okay but I like the thought of monthly a lot better. A shorter time frame to focus on them, and to really put more emphasis into it. Seems more likely for me. For this month I came up with five goals, simple enough right? I'm hoping so.

Related : If you are a Project Lifer and follow Becky Higgins' blog, I'm sure you are aware the new editions are not going to be in until next week sometime (they are hoping!). For my planning self, that is driving me crazy! lol This is the first week of twenty thirteen and I don't have the Seafoam kit yet because it's not available. Did I mention that is driving me crazy?!?!?! hehe So I made the executive decision to purchase one of the editions that are in stock. Not my #1 fave, but #2 will have to win. So look for a post on Project Life next week. I'm so excited, I started the title page last night!!!

Happy Friday!  


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