a peek into the lady cave.

Everyone knows what a man cave is right? The place where the men have their big screen TV, surround sound speakers, lounge chairs, bar area, pool table, the works. The place where the men go to get away. Well, I my friends have a lady cave as I like to call it. My sanctuary. The place I go to clear my mind and the creative juices start flowing.
Welcome to the lady cave! My little corner in the basement that's all to my self. Yes the kids like to be down there with me and we have our little arts and craft days occasionally. But the majority of the time, is just me down there doing my thing. This is what you see when you walk down the stairs. 
The shelving unit is from IKEA and it's awesome. One of my favorite pieces of furniture. Very easy to put together (if you have a handy man around) and can be used vertically or horizontally. I prefer the horizontal way so I can use the top as counter space. Right now that area is filled with Project Life goodies I'm working on. In all the cubby holes is my paper, packaging, cards, embellishments, ribbons, etc stash. The green little box is a goodwill purchase that I keep all of my washi tape in. Perfect place for it.
On top of the shelving unit is my big magnet board filled with pictures and little things I've kept over the years. To the left of that is a little tin can I made when I first started this blog, you can read the tutorial here. Right now it holds all of my paint brushes. To the left of the tin can is a homemade holiday craft I made before the holidays. Check out the craft here.  And that big road map of Ohio on the wall? Was Project 6 of 33 : road map cork board, a fun and easy little project to do.
Opposite the IKEA unit, is the desk. It is an old desk that came with the house when we bought it. It's so heavy I don't think it's liftable but I'll take it. It's so big and is usually covered with paper. When I clean it up, this is what it looks like. The two cork boards above the desk is my little inspiration / memory board. I keep things that I want to remember or look up at when I'm sitting there. The "I love you princess" note is when Kev left it in my car so I'd see it the next morning. Lots of "m" magnets and buttons.
To the left of the desk is the printer where lots of printing takes place. My stash of stamps and more paper I keep in a little cubby within reach of the desk.
Against the far wall is a little table and booth that also came with the house. That is the area where I sew most of the time. The shelves on the wall hold all of my random photo albums from grade school and high school and some of college. Part of my DVD collection is on the second shelf (the other half is upstairs). I watch a ton of movies while I'm down here. And sometimes? Even Kev will sit down there and watch a movie just to be with me ♥

Oh.....I just noticed I have another project on this shelf! The little white box thingy on the left hand side, that is a key box I made. One of the first projects I did for this blog. You can read how I came up with that idea right here. The photos back then are terrible! It's amazing to look at the quality of photos from when I first started and to now. Everything gets better with practice!
Hope you enjoyed a little tour of my lady cave! It's not the fanciest place ever, but it's my little corner in our home where I can go and let loose. I love it down there.

Happy Monday! Have a good week....

P.S. The Bachelor starts tonight! I will be watching.


  1. LOVE the Lady Cave! Thanks for the tour - and the inspiration! I sooo need to work on getting my own little set up ~

  2. Your welcome! Glad you enjoyed it...