starting the holiday book.

Welcome to the first holiday book update! So happy December is here, that means Christmas Christmas Christmas! I hope to share this book a few times this month as I add to it and fancy it all up.
The other night on instagram, I posted my first few trials of the cover design. This is what I do when I can't decide on something, I do different versions of it on scrap pieces of paper to see how it looks. After the first cover design was done I shook my head and thought, nah I don't love this. As I say in the store when trying on clothes, "if you don't love it in the store, you won't love it at home." 
This cover page made the final cut! I love it! While working on the book, I must've watched Elf two times straight through. Elf always makes me laugh and puts me in the Christmas spirit! Anyways, back to the book details. All I really did was layer up the front cover with different holiday paper. I cut out the polka dot paper in the shape of a triangle, and added a star stamp to the top of it.  For the bottom half, I layered it up with paper. Used my awesome smash stamp to document the month and year of the book. The word "holiday" was from an old stash of rub offs I've had on hand. And that is pretty much how I designed the cover page.
The first page when you open the book up is a little note from my Aunt Amy, she gave me this awesome table runner that I am sort of obsessed with lol It was the first Christmas-like thing I received so I thought that should be the first thing to go in the book this year. We started the month of December with a college basketball game with my brother. It was a great game and we won!
The next page is my favorite so far. It started out as a plain white piece of cardstock. I cut out a heart shape using a scrap piece of paper, used my heart stamper (bought from a little shop on our annual girls weekend) and stamped the heart all around the heart leaving white space for the heart to form it's shape. Stamped "christmas time" in the middle because I love this time of year.
That's it so far! Pretty easy and fun. You can read about last year's holiday book right here. Look for more updates here weekly. It's exciting to add to this book as we do more Christmas like things. We've already started to receive Christmas cards at home and have them displayed on the wall.

Supplies used: holiday mixed paper book, Zig Millenium pen, Target letter stamps, Smash stamp, Staz On ink pad (red & black), heart stamp, Merry Christmas stamp, Target washi tape, Sharpie black marker.


  1. Love it ! Cant wait to see more updates as the Merry Merry Month of December moves on. That heart stamp is tooo cute!

  2. Thanks Amy. The ♥ stamp is my fave...