our tree + cookies.

It's beginning to look a little more Christmasey around our home now. We put up our tree this weekend, and had a cookie making fest!
The cookie making fest was for the cookie exchange we do at my Grandpa's house every year. I have always wanted to try regular sugar cookie's using the cookie cutter. In the past, I could never get the cookie to turn out the same shape as it's supposed to be! I proved myself wrong this year because it worked!
The cookies took a lot of work but they were worth it. The recipe I used was Annie Halls Butter Cookie by Susan Branch. Highly recommend trying out the recipe! The icing took the longest part of course, but thanks to Wilton's white cookie icing, they were a success. For the tree cookies, I outlined the tree with the icing, let the icing harden, and then used Wilton's green icing writer for the design. For the stars, I used the white cookie icing to outline the star, before the icing could dry I sprinkled yellow sprinkles all over. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it. Cookie making is almost an art in itself. You have to have the patience for sure.
The packaging of the cookies is almost more fun than making the actual cookies themselves. I used plain paper bags, attached letter stickers on each bag for the names, stamped "Merry Christmas" and my favorite "♥" stamp for the front. On the back of the bag I stamped "Enjoy Today" and then the "♥" stamp again, and finally got to use my "Mandy" stamp I've had for years and years! Loved how the bags turned out. Inside I used a holiday napkin as tissue paper and carefully placed the cookies in the bags so they wouldn't break.
And our tree is finally up! I'm used to putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving, but this year we've had too many things going on to do that. The second weekend in December will have to do this year. The kids were so excited to put the ornaments on, and Brady got to put our angel up too. Every year we get them a special ornament. Brady got a lizard with a santa hat on, and Natalie got a palm tree with Christmas lights all over it. They wrote the year 2012 on the bottom of the ornaments. Love creating these memories for them!
The final product. Just ♥ our tree.


  1. The cookies were soo good! Jason and Austin have eaten them all except the BIG Christmas Tree. They are splitting that one. I loved the bags, all the details were sooo stinkin' cute.
    The tree looks beautiful and I see some rockin' boots on Natalie! yay LOVE !!

  2. So glad you love the cookies, they were fun to make! Oh and yes Natalie is now rockin' some brown boots, she loves them!