i love december. holiday edition.

O Christmas card tree, Jeweled star ornament, Mason Shaker, Superstar Bobbi, Blingy pump, Girl with curves bag in red,

After decorating our Christmas tree this weekend, the holiday spirit is definitely in the air. The 'O Christmas Tree card holder is so cute and I have the perfect place to put that if I had it. Each year it's always a toss up on where to put the Christmas cards we get in the mail. The jeweled star ornament reminds me of the ocean.  The mason shaker is just awesome. Who doesn't love mason jars converted into a shaker for drinks? I'll take it. Superstar Bobbi was the inspiration for an upcoming project I've completed. I'll share it on the blog next week.  Blingy pump, what more do you need to say? These pumps look perfect for a New Year's Eve night. Girl with curves bag in red, could the name of this purse cry out MJB anymore than it already does? Love these items for the holidays. Love this time of year. Christmas is almost here. Are you ready?

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