holiday book update #3.

Loving this mini book! This year I feel like I'm capturing more of the little moments rather than the big ones. Looking back on these holiday books, it's nice to have those times that we won't really remember, but have them in the book to look back on.
The top two photos I am a little obsessed with. Our tree shines on the floor with all the lights off and I just love the vibe it gives off. And the photo of Natalie by the tree? My favorite. I kept the tag from when my car was getting fixed because I totally lucked out with it being free of charge. Did a little bit of journaling around the car tag.  The photo to the right is our Christmas card this year. (sorry for the glare) The little red smudge in the middle is from the "Merry Christmas" that was stamped on the back. So I stuck that one in here and sent the good ones in the mail.
On the backside of the Christmas card is a photo I adhered right to the back of how many cards we mailed out this year. The next page is the envelope from a lady at work, she always does cute little designs on her things. I cut down the envelope to fit the mini book and punched holes through it.  On the back of the envelope I adhered the tag from the oreo cookies from another co-worker.  The next page is a handmade envelope that I thought was so cute from another co-worker.
The next page is the back of the envelope with the santa sticker she used. The next page is a flyer I picked up from this adorable shop in Over the Rhine downtown. The next page I hand wrote with a regular pen in the white spaces a little journaling about the nice gifts from co-workers this year.
I printed out a photo of our new oven and trimmed it down to outline the actual oven.  Hand wrote with a silver sharpie marker right onto the photo. The next page is a few of the tags I used for some gifts this year. The bottom spread is a photo of the felt Christmas tree I did for the 33 projects.  The next page is some paper that was in the box of my new 2013 planner. Look for a post on that next week, I love new planners!
That's pretty much it for this update. I plan to wrap this book up next week and be done with the holiday book this year.

Curious about the holiday book? See the start of it right here, and update #2 right here.

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