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Here we are mid-December and it's already starting to get busy busy busy! Christmas presents to buy and wrap, still deciding on what to buy some people. Two more weekends and Christmas will be here. The most wonderful time of the year! I'm hoping for at least one big snow fall before then, or a white Christmas would be awesome.

Excited to share more 33 projects over the next two months or so.  Started thinking about the next birthday challenge. What should I do? My brain has been thinking like crazy. I have so many ideas running through my head I have lists after lists all over the place.

After the cookie exchange this year, I want to make more cookie cutter cookies! Loved it.

Adoring our tree and how the lights shine on the hardwood floor. We love to sit on the couch at night, watching Big Bang Theory, and enjoying our tree. Just love that.

Enjoyed a nice evening out with the girls last night. Had some really good conversation and good quality girl time. We try to meet once a month, whether it be for dinner or just drinks and appetizers. Whatever the case may be, every girl needs time with just each other. It was nice to talk, vent, and laugh about anything and everything. Can't wait for next month sistas!

December is almost over. That means 2012 is almost over. Be grateful and slow down. Slow down and pay attention to the world around you this month. Life has a lot of simple things to enjoy. So slow down and enjoy them.

Happy Friday!

P.S. Have you seen bing's background page today? Fabulous!

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