The hashtag #30daysofthanksgiving was for an awesome project for the month of November. As the photo says "Promoting: Creativity and gratitude. A photo a day project. Show us what you are thankful for on each day of November."  I loved this.  Really loved it.  Each day it forced me to think of what I was really thankful for that day.  And as the days went on in the month, it got easier and easier.  I tried to think of actual "things" I was thankful for each day and to be truly thankful for each of them.  I've talked about doing this everyday forever.  Why not think about what we are thankful for everyday we are alive right?
I was thankful for....
  1. fall leaves.
  2. how patient my mom is with the kids.
  3. rum & cokes.
  4. gorgeous fall (cool) day.
  5. my laptop.
  6. to vote in the U.S.A.
  7. learning how to sew.
  8. heat.
  9. superheros.
  10. ability to paint.
  11. Max, he has the biggest ♥.
  12. the positive notes from the kids for my school presentation.
  13. clean water to drink.
  14. the daily word "I open my mind and heart to new understanding."
  15. a nice lunch with a nice co-worker.
  16. automatic car starter for the frosty cold mornings.
  17. Harper's 9 month session, such a patient and happy girl.
  18. sleeping in on a Sunday morning.
  19. lunch with Kev at Chipolte.
  20. daily dose of Vitamin C.
  21. last day of work for the week of Thanksgiving.
  22. tasty treats.
  23. Brady's spirit.
  24. my camera.
  25. how kind-hearted my Aunt Amy is.
  26. filled up under $60.
  27. finding Natatlie's toy in my purse, made me smile.
  28. buying a new front door handle!
  29. Brady is officially a recommended black belt.
  30. a night out with my man.

I am happy to be who I am and where I am in my life.  Feeling thankful as ever.  Thank you #30daysofthanksgiving for having this project to follow along with.  

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