things i am in love with right now.

1. My sweet little Singer sewing machine. Since the sewing party a few weeks ago, I have been amazed at myself. Sewing 8 little super hero capes all by hand. They are not the most perfectly straight lined capes you'll ever see, but for my first time sewing anything, that kids can actually wear, I'm pretty happy with it.
2. The kids. Last night was the best. I have a presentation to give tonight in class and I practiced it with the kids and Kevin before they went to bed last night. Both kids used the timer on my phone to time me and Natalie was in charge of how many "ums" I said. She was too excited to see how many minutes I was talking for, to notice the ums. I said maybe 3 lol After I was finished, they each wrote on a little note card for me to take with me while I talk tonight at class. It made my night. Those kids can be so sweet.
3. Spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. I think I could eat this meal for dinner every night. Love it.
4. Packages that come in the mail make me smile!
5. Checking out movies at the library to watch on my off day.
6. My family and extended family. How much love and support they give is such a blessing to have.
7. Pandora.
8. Having Wednesday's off during the week is just awesome. No other word can describe it. It breaks up the week and gives me a lot of "me" time which everyone needs in life.
9. Sending out CD's in the mail, love to doll it up and make it all pretty for when they receive it! =)
10. Purple nail polish. It has become a fall favorite.

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