thanksgiving day cards.

Normally I never send out Thanksgiving Day cards, I really can't remember the last time I have?  But this year, I decided to send out a few handmade ones.  If I had a house big enough I would love to host Thanksgiving and send out actual invites, but my family is way too big! of these years I'd like to cook a turkey all on my own, it's on my bucket list for real.  Maybe that will happen one day, but for now I'll stick with my Mom getting the guts out of the turkey lol
These were so fun to make. To put my love for paper to work plus a little texture equals fun stuff. I stuck with writing directly on them instead of dealing with the printer. Handwritten cards are a little more personable too.
I used regular Kraft paper I've had for awhile, burlap from my stash, and cut out a leaf with orange/yellow card stock paper. I sewed the burlap right onto the Kraft paper, using orange thread so it would stand out a bit than the usual white. I love how it looks. With the leaf, I sewed that on top of the burlap, right down the middle of the leaf. Used a zig millennium orange marker for the handwriting.
For envelopes, I used paper craft bags and Turkey Day stamps! Seriously, I have so much "stuff" already in house that I don't use until I've had it for ages. Then an idea comes around, and half of the supplies that I need, I already have! Hope these arrived safe and sound in the mail!

Happy almost Thanksgiving.


  1. They were adorable ! Thank you ! I loved how you sewed the paper ~

  2. Glad they made it safe and sound! =)