sewing party recap.

The sewing party was sew much fun!
I have had a stash of fabric samples forever and now I can finally do something with them! This might be my anal-repulsiveness with wanting things neat, but I ironed all of these pieces of fabric. I learned it's much easier to sew once things are ironed and no creases anywhere.
I love having parties and preparing for them. I found these brown striped paper straws to use. I cut out a long skinny strip of kraft paper, and stamped everyone's names on them, added a piece of washi tape to give it some color.
This is what my desk looked like all week, and pretty much still does!
The dining room table transformed into colors galore! I found the green fabric at the store and bought the whole piece because it was on clearance. Plus I wanted something that would be easy to find pins and needles on lol (plus I'm excited I can hem it now) The center was filled with all of my little samples of fabric, thread, and a few buttons.
On the kitchen bar area I made soda pop cupcakes. If you've never heard of it look here, or google it and a million varieties come up. All it is is the cake mix of your choice, and one can of pop of your choice. Mix it together, put it in cupcake liners, and bake! It tastes very light and moist. I used regular full fledged sugar filled frosting, but you can do a ton of different frostings that you like.

For a short little game, I put buttons in a jar and had people guess how many.  The short jar on the left was for the kids, the jar on the right was for the adults.
The kid table! I went to Hobby Lobby and bought each kid a giant wooden letter for the first initial of their name. My cousin Austin was able to come along with Brady and Natalie. It was fun to see how they each decided to decorate their letter. Austin put all of the hunting stickers I got him on his letter. Brady and Natalie painted their's. So cute, they had fun.
My mom brought this candy bark stuff for the kids to make and Brady seemed to be the only one interested in it. My mom is so good with him. She stood there and helped him, letting him decide what candy goes where, etc. This is his masterpiece! He was in heaven with all that candy....come to find out the boy doesn't like candy corn though!
My sewing machine is the Singer Esteem II similar to this one. It took a long time to get the machine threaded, and then after it was threaded, it messed up a few times. I think it's set now and I have a good handle on it. Once I get sewing more, I want to write up my own little review on my machine. What works for me, what doesn't, etc.
The kids' letters turned out so good. They both painted on a regular piece of paper in addition to their letter. When he showed us all what it was, the two girls were Natalie and myself, and the two boys were Brady and Kevin. So sweet. Natalie was creative with her polka dots. They were both so proud of their artwork!
After everyone had left, and the kids were in bed...I stayed up for a little while and sewed some more. I find it very therapeutic. When I'm sewing, I'm in my own little world and I dont really hear much else. I love it. I can't wait to do more!

Thank you to all my sista family members who came over and joined in the fun. It was great to learn new things together and have the grandmaster and master's input on us newbies. Aka Mom and Aunt Linda lol They are the pros at sewing and I'm so grateful they were there to you gals!

Happy Monday.  Hope you have a great week.


  1. I had sew much fun !! Who couldn't be creative with all the special details you had everywhere! LOVEd it, can't wait for our next one : )

  2. I can't wait to start sewing for real now! =) Thanks for your help with bobbin the thread lol