homemade holiday craft.

After looking through my Christmas paper stash, I found all these paint chips I have collected over the years. The majority of them seemed to be a variety of Christmas colors....so the gears starting turning! I looked in my box of unused frames that I have and came across an IKEA one that I'm not using. Perfect!
This little design brightens up the room with all the wild colors!
To start this project, I went through the paint chips and picked out the colors I liked best together.  Then I cut out a triangle of each color. Each paint chip gave me about 3-4 triangles each.
After the triangles were all cut, I laid them out on the piece of paper that was inside the frame. 4x6 I believe it is. Sorted out the best color scheme first. Then used adhesive to adhere the triangles to the paper. Once they were all on the paper, I went along the sides and trimmed off the triangles that went over.
This project cost me zero dollars! Even if you don't have paint chips on hand, just run up to your local paint store and grab a few of your favorite colors. Find an old frame around the house that you are not using, or want to change out the picture for the holidays. And there you have it....a crafty project that costs nothing!

For next week ---> HOLIDAY BOOK!!! I can't wait to get started on it this year. I've got all the pages sorted out and ready to go, still deciding on what to do for the cover page! You can see last year's Holiday Book here, right here, and here.

P.S. Notice the new "ETSY" button up top? Check it out for all you Christmas card lovers.

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