pumpkin patch adventures.

As previously mentioned, I came up with a fall manifesto for this year and I am crossing things off quicker than I had anticipated!

Yesterday we took the kids to the pumpkin patch! The weather was a tad iffy, very cloudy and windy. We headed out anyways....
We went to Blooms & Berries Farm Market, the name of this place cries out FALL don't you think?
As soon as we got there, we hopped on the hayride. The green tractor took us on a little journey through the woods. And as we slowly moved along, the woods were filled with scarecrows! The kids were having a ball finding them and looking how different they all were.
The pumpkin patch! Soon as we got off the hayride it started to drizzle a little, just enough to get you wet but not drenched. So the tractor man told us to pick our pumpkins and head back because of the rain. We ran all over the place trying to find the perfect pumpkin. No luck.
We got back on the hayride and headed back to the main area. The kids found their pumpkins there. Brady picked a whopper of a pumpkin, weighing in at 30 lbs! Natalie decided on a baby pumpkin, weighing in at 3.62 lbs! We made it a guessing game to see how much their pumpkins weighed.
We were there, maybe about 45 minutes. It was really windy and rainy. As Forrest Gump would say, "sideways rain." The kind that just gets ya in the face every time. Kev had to carry the gigantic 30 pounder out. As we loaded up to leave, Natalie had to buckle her little pumpkin in for the ride home.
Later on in the afternoon we saw a gorgeous rainbow!

Nice way to end the weekend.....Happy Monday!

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