my top 25.

I recently went through my old posts and did a little stat check, and found this oh so very interesting! Click on each link to see the post. Here it goes...
There you have it! My top 25 posts in the blog adventure so far. It was fun to go back and look at the stats and see which posts were the most viewed since this blog began. I am happy to see that a little bit of cooking / recipes are in the top 25 along with some crafty projects of course! In looking through these old posts, I am hoping to get a burst of creativity because I feel kinda stuck right now. 

Maybe the next two weekend plans will help with my feeling of being stuck in the creative world. Planning a sewing party and a superhero birthday party next month should help.
Let's hope so.

Happy Tuesday.

(Side note: Thinking of those individuals and families who are in the path of hurricane Sandy....may you be safe.)

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