busy weekend + a birthday!

this weekend we had so much stuff going on! Again...it flew right by!
Friday night I did a little clothes shopping for the kids. Found Miss Natalie some really cute jeans, a sweater, a shirt that says "Daddy's Little Charmer", and a polka dot dress. Found Mr Brady some around the house shirts, spider shirt for Halloween, and a Superman cape he can wear for his Superhero birthday party next month! 
After my clothes shopping spree, this is what the princess decides to wear to church Sunday morning. After many many outfit changes of the clothes I just bought for her, she picks this. Kev and I felt like the movie Big Daddy where the boy wears whatever he wants to school and calls himself Frankenstein! lol After some advice from friends, I think it's best to pick our battles and let her wear ridiculous outfits. lol These pictures will be priceless when she gets older....for sure.
Yesterday we celebrated Kev's birthday a day early. After church, the kids went to a birthday party for one of Brady's friends from school, meanwhile I busted my booty to clean up the house and decorate all within an hour before I had to leave for a photo shoot! I literally felt like I was a chicken running around with my head cut off. I wanted Kev to be surprised when he and the kids got home...
We had the birthday boys favorite meal for dinner, steak and potatoes, with a few carrot races of course! To get the kids to eat veggies we have races to see who can finish the carrots first. We had about 4 last night, think that is the record.
The kids were so anxious for him to open his presents, they ate their dinner as fast as I'd ever seen them. Well except Natalie, she's the slowest eater in the world but she finished!
We had lemon birthday cake from Kroger. It was delicious!
It was a fun day/night. The best part of the weekend was after we say our prayers before dinner, we say what we were thankful for that day. Brady said he is thankful that Dad gets to celebrate his birthday with us and that he is happy. So sweet!!! That boy has the kindest .

What a busy weekend yet again! Being busy keeps the mind busy, and that's better than being bored right?

Happy Monday folks.

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