anniversary festivities.

On Tuesday, Kev and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary and it was the best! 
The day began by getting these lovely flowers at work, he delivered them himself! They were beautiful.
After the work day was over, I get to my car and found roses all over it. Literally they were everywhere. On the front windshield, on every door handle, the back windshield, and even on the steering wheel inside. I kept smiling so big and looking around to see if he was anywhere around. I must have walked around the car a few times to make sure I didn't forget any.

The worst part of this day was I have class Tuesday nights. So after work that is where I was headed. First I had to hit Target to get wrapping paper so I could wrap his gift after class. One of his gifts didn't come until Monday, the day before our anniversary.

So I sit through class which is always a blast ya know. I was counting down the minutes until 9pm that night.
Get home finally and dinner was waiting on the table! Lasagna and garlic bread and my favorite drink rum/coke. It was so sweet! I put the flowers that were all over my car in the vase at home and kept the flowers at work for the rest of this week to enjoy them there.

Oh, before we ate dinner I always have to change out of my work clothes into more comfy clothes. So I head to our bedroom and the door was shut. He said "do you have to go in there right now?" I said, "yea I need to change real quick before we eat." He said "okay just go in."  I walk into a bed of roses that said "I love you" and my gift in the center. It was the sweetest thing!!!  He said, "you should have seen how many times I had to do that heart" lol So cute.

One of my favorite things we do together as a couple, and with the kids, is eat dinner at the dinner table. So we ate dinner and it was delicious.  I kept telling him how sweet the flowers were. He told me he parked his truck, walked into the garage, and walked around hitting the clicker on my spare key trying to find my car. He was surprised security didn't come ask if he needed some help lol. During dinner he said we have to go somewhere after we get done eating. Oh did the gears start turning in my head, thinking where would we go at 9:30 at night on a Tuesday?
We headed to BW's, which is a local restaurant/bar/grill type place right by our house. We headed there to have a few drinks and to watch some sports. The meaning behind BW's, is when we first started dating, before we lived together, we would always meet at a BW's in Kentucky for dinner. It was halfway between where we both lived at the time. Because I had class this night, we went to the BW's close to us instead of the original one we used to go too.

I was all smiles. What I love most about all of this, is the time and effort he put towards this day. The fact that he thought about how to make our anniversary special, and all the energy he put into it, just makes me so happy. That means more to me than any gift does. I love it when people take the time to do things for others. 
It was definitely a special day, and I will always remember it. Thank you babe for everything, you are definitely my favorite. Muah!

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