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This weekend we went to the 14th annual Vinoklet Wine Festival. We were hoping the rain would go away and it thankfully did! Their were a few dark clouds in the sky, but after about an hour of being there the sun came out and it couldn't have been more of a goregous day. Mid 70's, sunshine, and a light breeze. My kinda weather.
The booths this year were just okay. The above photo is a booth that sold framed pictures and one was of a bunch of thongs on a piece of metal wiring. How bizarre! 
This lady's booth was really freaky! The name of her company is called Lily In Flux and the strangest items were baby doll arm earrings which is 2 photos above. Reminded me of Toy Story when the neighbor kid takes apart all his toys and puts them on other toys. Creepy. But what I did like in her little booth was the bullet items. It fascinated me that she made jewelry out of bullets. The above photo is the necklace I purchased, definitely different but I liked it.
The scenery here is just beautiful!
After a little bit of shopping, we headed to get the vino! Got our hands stamped and our wine/food tickets all ready to roll.
A few years ago, my lovely family purchased wine bottle holders made out of leather. Every year they add a bead or emblem to it. I personally do not like them lol You can see my bottle is the lonely sole on the right without a leather holder and that is just fine by me. To soak up the vino we always get cheese trays, crackers, and this year a hamburger bun lol 
We must have changed our spot at least four times. My aunt found these white chairs god knows where and we carried them around with us. First, we sat on the top of the hill overlooking the band. Next they moved a little further down the hill. Next they moved back towards the vineyards where it was more level.
As you can see from the photo, it was not level at all! We were totally sitting slanted and every time we moved, it felt like we were going to fall out of our chair and go tumbling down the hill! It was very comical. 
You have to know my two aunts, but this photo describes our tolerance for hot/cold weather. The hot boxes are my mom and I in the flip flops, the cold boxes in boots with knee high socks on are my two aunts. The weather was mid-upper 70's! LoL Hilarious!
Something new they had this year was a grape ball of ice! Basically a snow cone....vino style! Oh my was it delicious. It was made exactly like a snow cone except the syrup was wine, so good my Mom and I had two. 
Good times.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is off to a great start!

(All photos via: MJB♥Photography & Mom)


  1. I just want it to be known - I was NOT one of the Aunts who wanted to move 10 times. I was perfectly HAPPY where we were the first time : )

    We had a great time !

  2. I want it known someone does not lille the leather chap man's wine carriers.... but the old aunts love them beads & all...