thoughts on documenting 2012.

For 2012, I decided to do my own version of Project Life, which is a daily documenting process by the fabulous Becky Higgins. Each month I have a little system that I do.
For the beginning pages of each month, I like to choose a photo of myself as the top picture. 
Then go through my planner and write down the different things that happened that I think are worth documenting in this album. The monthly font is in green each month, and then another text box listing all of the different things that happened.
Then I go to town with the photos! I keep track of photos for each month and I choose the ones I think are the most memorable to document in this album.
I have to say in the beginning few months of this year I was all over this album. Doing it consistently towards the end of each month. After May came and gone, I sort of lost interest.

Sometimes that happens.

I just have to step away from things sometimes if I find it a struggle to try and finish them. To me that means I'm not fully into it. So I stop. But.....yesterday on my day off I got back into it. Big time. I caught myself back up with this album and found myself full force into it again. When I say I caught myself up, I really mean caught back up. I did three full months of this album last night. May, June, and July! So so happy with it again. Those 3 months of taking a mini-hiatus of documenting this year seemed to do me better than not.

Happy to be back into this album. 

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