bedtime routine.

So it's becoming a bit of a routine before we go to sleep at night. We have a routine when the kids are with us. And we have a routine when it's just us. When we have the kids, they both take a shower now, I comb Natalie's hair while she plays games on my phone or watches cartoons. we go upstairs to their rooms and read them a book. It varies with who reads who a book.  Lately I've been reading Natalie a book, and Kev has been reading Brady a book. We also started a new thing, where they watch about 10-15min worth of a movie on our phones before they go to bed. I give them both kisses and hugs and say "sweet dreams".  Nine point nine times out of ten, they fall right asleep. 
When it's just us....we both lay down in our room and watch tv. See, we have this awesome bed, that has the best mattress ever. So every night we go into our room, lay down and watch tv. Even though we have a huge new comfy couch, we still migrate to the comfy bed.

I usually have the laptop in bed, doing a blog post or doing homework, and Kev rubs my back. It's the best thing ever. When laptop time is over, I lay in his arms and he rubs my arm, and I am out almost instantly.  Then about an hour or two later I wake up because he has to get up and go to work. =(  

Those 1-2 hours feel like the best sleep I get every night because I am in his arms. 
Safe.  Secure.  Protected.  I love him.