2012 album : august plus some.

As I have mentioned before, this is my version of Project Life. For those of you who don't know what Project Life is....start here. Each month I go through all of my photos, pick out the best ones, and write a few notes in the intro and there's the month documented in a way we will never forget.
The last 2012 Album update I did was in April. Yep a big whopping 3+ months ago. But now? I'm all caught up and that feels fantastic. I love looking back through this album to see where we were, and what we were doing each month. 

So here we go.
Here is May, June, and July's months updated. I just took a shot of each intro page.  To recap how I do this album.....each month has an intro page with a photo of just myself and a text page that summarizes what we did that month. Then I pick my favorite photos and put them in! Pretty easy. So easy I get off track and forget about it like I did for May/June/July.
The photo of myself is from our last adventure. The photo on the top right is a picture of our house when we first moved in a year ago, and a picture of this year, had to document being in our house an entire year yea!!! The photo on the bottom right is one of my favorite photos from vacation of K and I.
The two photos on the left side, are the kids' photos I'm going to start taking each year for their school binder. I have a binder for each of them and going to let that be a place they can keep their favorite artwork, good grades on a test, anything they want from the school year.  The photo on the top right is to remember my lovely Grandma June and her passing a year ago. The bottom right photo is the one lemon recipe I did this month, and the 33 Projects: 9 of 33 bleach on textile.
The last page for the month is the self portrait project for August. Yes the month isn't over yet but I had massive photos so I could get those finished and off the list! The photos on the right is of sweet baby Harper, just that kid!
Glad this month is done and in the books. Ready for September to come!

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