random list of wants.

i want to have fresh flowers in the house more often.
i want to paint a lot more than i do.
i want to spend more time in the kitchen cooking with Kev.
i want to find a nail color for summer that makes me feel vibrant.
i want to be present. in this year. in this month. in this day. in this hour.
i want to go dancing and wear a bouncy dress.
i want to be back on vacation with Kev and the kiddos.
i want to be real. in life. in this space.

Vacation was amazing and I seriously cannot wait to share all my thoughts and photos! We got back yesterday and had tons to do at the house. It's good to be home, but I miss the beach!!!

(Photo taken of our little garden that has managed to grow 2 cornstocks in the midst of all the weeds!)

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