picture tuesday.

Kev surprised me with Reds tickets on my day off the other week. It was smack dad in the middle of our heat wave here in Ohio. I was so unprepared, but I always say I love being spontaneous so I rolled with it.  Brushed the hair, threw on a reds shirt, and we hit the road. Our seats were awesome, behind home plate. But being behind home plate means directly in the sun. We were drenched in sweat balls and getting sun burnt by the second. We hit up the shop and I bought some little girl hair bands to put the hair up. Kev gave me his hat to wear and it was much cooler. It's funny what a few beers, a pretzel, and the heat will to do ya after a few hours. It was a good time.
We went to the Kentucky Speedway for my second race! And the hottest race so far. Good lord I think we were crazy to sit out in the heat for so long. Traffic was not bad at all compared to last year's crazy mess. We had a nice little set up for just 2 people. We had 3 coolers, one filled with water/gatorade, one filled with beer/pop. amd one with the food. Needless to say we drank more water/gatorade than beer/pop. Grilled some juicy steaks, and waited for the race to start. After the sun went down we were actually chilled! Good times.
The kids jumping off the side stairs at the lake. Love the action shots they look so cute in mid-air. Especially Brady he was loving looking back at his picture. Their new thing this summer is collecting shells, they like to see how many they can find and what they look like. 
July 4th was fun and relaxing! Kinda weird how it fell on a Wednesday though. I read in the paper it was the first time in 5 years since it's been on a Wednesday. That is my usual off day so it was just a normal week for me. We started the 4th with my parents coming over to swim. It was so fun just chilling in the pool with them. They were so relaxed and enjoying themselves. Later on in the afternoon Kev woke up and joined us. He did some front flips off the diving board.....hilarious! We ordered pizza for dinner, my aunt and her boyfriend came over for a little while.  Then we had this massive fireworks display put on by our neighbors. And my oh my was it a display!!! They were awesome. I wish the kids could've been there, they would've loved to be in our front yard, in lawn chairs, having our own fireworks display, and not having to leave the house. Again....some good times. 

Love catching up on pictures from the month....oh and not related : vacation is right around the corner!

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