our first apple.

Last night our lives officially changed forever. We finally joined the rest of the technology world and bought our first Iphone. We have had blackberries forever and they worked for us. However, we were eligible for an upgrade so we took it. The guy at the store was showing us how to do simple things and we were kinda lost at first. I said to the guy "we must be one of the last people on earth to get an iPhone" He said "you pretty much are."  It was hilarious!
After our purchase we went out to dinner and were both sitting at the table just looking at our phones trying to figure things out. It's amazing how fast this thing is. And the camera? Just awesome. I cannot wait to take it on vacation next week.
The very first app I downloaded was the Cake Doodle app for the kids. Their aunt Amy has it on her Ipad and they loved it so that was the first thing I thought of. It's so addicting to add apps and I've only just begun. My brother sent me his entire list of apps he has on his phone. It was so funny texting my brother last night, he was giving me all these little tips and I was so lost at first. But I'm getting the hang of it now. What an amazing phone and can't wait to dive deeper into it.

Anyone have any fun tips or helpful hints to share?


  1. Welcome to the dark side. Before you know it you'll have a apple computer and/or iPad. LoL

  2. Yea maybe on the Ipad, but I like my HP laptop lol

  3. Camera plus is my most fav. App I never use the regular app for taking pictures. You take better pics with camera +