project 4 of 33 : crayon art.

Want a fun easy project to do? Try melting crayons on a canvas. So easy and fun to do.  I'm sure you've seen this all over the Internet, because it is seriously all over the world wide web. I've been eye balling crayon art for one of the 33 projects so here it is.....
All you need is:
  • blank canvas (any size you prefer)
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • crayons
  • candle stick (for the circle)
  • hair dryer (not pictured)
If you google search crayon art, you'll see so many different ways you can do this. I knew I wanted to do a round shape, so I searched around the house for something that would be a good item to practice with. So I found a little candle stick holder that had the perfect round shape I was looking for.  I layed out the crayons in the order of the rainbow, and placed them around the candle stick to see how many I would need to fit the circle.
After seeing if all the crayons would fit, I then practiced again on the actual canvas.  I tend to want to double check everything so I don't waste any time doing something over again.  Not always the case, but I try my best. So I traced the bottom of the candle stick holder onto a plain ole piece of paper.  Cut it out and placed the circle onto the canvas.  I hand wrote create on the piece of paper because my intention was to somehow write that on the canvas.  I'll get to that in a minute.  So I placed all the crayons onto the canvas without any gluing just to make double sure they all fit.  I had to take some colors away so they would all fit nicely.
Whipped out the glue gun and glued every crayon onto the canvas.  This was the most time consuming of the whole thing. Helpful tip: put the hot glue on the crayon color name side, this way the crayola label shows on all of the crayons. 
Off to the hair dryer.  I brought an extension cord out onto the front porch along with a bath towel. I did not want melted crayon all over the concrete. And started melting. Once you start, you'll get the feel of how the crayons melt. You can put the dryer whichever way you want the crayon to melt. One thing I would do different is put something a little thicker in the center so the crayon didn't go in the middle. Originally I wanted a plain white circle in the middle so I could hand write something in the middle. The crayon ended up melting all over the center of the circle. Love how it turned out though.
This project is a major DIYer and easy! You can melt the crayons as long as you want, but I wanted to keep the crayons looking like they were melted just a little bit.  I've seen some crayon art where they take the crayola label off of the crayon and melt it way down so it doesn't look like a crayon at all. To me that looked too messy and not rigid enough. I love how this turned out. 

Would be a great project for kids to do also. Could lay out a large old blanket, put the kids in messy clothes and let them go to town with the hair dryer.  They'd love it!

This is project 4 of 33.
I am attempting to take on 33 craft projects since I turned 33 this year.  To be completed before 03.03.13.  You can follow my progress here on the blog or on pinterest. 
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  1. Hey MJB! I saw your project in craft gawker. And then I loved it! And then I saw your blog and your 33 craft project attempt, and I loved that too! Why? Because MY name is Mandy, I'm MJB and I'm (nearly) 33!

    I love your blog too! MJB loves MJBloves!

  2. Hi. Did you notice that the design in the middle looks sort of like the continents on Earth?

  3. My son and I are going to try this for a 4-H project for Nebraska. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  4. I would love to see how yours turns out!