our favorite mexican restaurant.

Meet our second home. The Cancun Mexican Grille. 

We seriously go here way too much. It's not like it looks like it's the greatest place ever. It certainly isn't everyone's favorite.  But it's one of our faves.
Our favorite item on the menu is the white cheese (queso blanco) but we never call it that, it's called white cheese to us.  We go here so much, the guy who brings out the chips and salsa, also brings out the white cheese to our table. Without even asking. Every time we go, seriously. It's pretty funny. The guy barely speaks English, but knows our order every time. 
The decor is very vibrant and colorful. When we have the kids with us we always play "I see a color that you don't see" game in our booth. It keeps the kids occupied and they look forward to that game every time we go. Brady said just the other day he wanted to go there for his birthday dinner, which isn't until November! 
This place is literally 2 minutes down the street. Which is another reason we like going here. The service is good, even have our favorite waitress "Gloria", and we don't have to travel very far to eat dinner.  Kev usually gets the taco salad, the kids eat chicken fingers off the kiddie menu. 
Half the time we go here with the kids and the other half is just Kev and I.  It's ridiculous really how much we go here. Oh and the margaritas? Their pretty good too.  It's always packed too, but never that long of a wait. We must come at the right time. 

We love this place.  Cheers!

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