the plan.

I have a plan.  It's been in my head for awhile now, so I decided to make it official. I'm setting a goal for this year and it's going to be called "33 Projects."

I am going to challenge myself to take on 33 personal craft projects this year.  And it has to be completed before 03.03.13.  The "33" comes from turning 33 on 03.03.12 this year.  It just so happens that the #3 is my favorite number, so this fits perfect!

Most challenges like this are the other way around.  The projects have to be completed before a deadline.  I am using the ripe young age of turning 33 this year to be the inspiration of this project.

My creative brain needed to be challenged.  I really want to focus on bringing that side of myself fully out there.  By continually trying to inspire myself and others throughout this year, it can't go anywhere but upward.  I also have some personal and professional goals for 2012 already in progress.

Extremely excited about this new journey I've set out for myself, and the never-ending-ness that goes along with it.  Trying new things is always fun.  This will make it even more fun to document.

Check back tomorrow for the first project!  It's for our home.  Absolutely counts!

P.S. 33 projects sounds like a lot of things to think of to do.  However, this will push myself to just do it.  Get out of that comfort zone.  3 things or 33 things, either way I'm going to enjoy it.

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