today I ♥

I LOVE private selection chocolate ganache ice cream

I LOVE getting a good night's sleep

I LOVE watching the kids' face when they get mail at our house

I LOVE how our bedroom is turning out

I LOVE zumba class - it's such a rush

I LOVE valentine's day cards painted on white paper
In the midst of my studying last night (have a mid term tonight) I whipped out my pink and red paints and went to town. Made my lovely co-workers handmade valentines!  
Looked through my acrylic paints and picked out the most Valentine-like ones, I chose some pinks and oranges.
Started out with a regular 8 1/2 x 11 piece of white card stock.  Left about an inch or so as a margin all around the page. Then just drew 1/2 inch squares to fill the page except the border. 
The grid quickly started to fill up with the beautiful colors of love.  Pinks, purples, reds, and oranges. I chose random squares and started painting.
Cutting this mini masterpiece was sad, as I almost wanted to keep it as it was.  But I cut it anyways.  I just eye balled the cutting to how many people I was going to give them out too.  Some were small and some were large. 
Voila! Handmade Valentines. 

These were so fun to do.  And quickly realized, I need to paint more often.  It is a very therapeutic process.  No right or wrong, all self expression.  It can be amazing what you can paint when inspired to do so.  Sometimes all it takes is to grab the brush and just go.
Happy Day......spread it all around!
(Inspired by this fabulous post!)


  1. I LOVE Zumba too! I look forward to it every week! So much fun. Someone sent me an invite for a two hour Zumbathon on a Friday night in March as a fundraiser. It's 10 dollars. If I decide to go I'll see if you want to go too. It would be fun to get a group of us to do it.