i love november.

Victoria Bekerman bracelet, Martha Stewart personalized coasters, GAP sweatshirt,
West Elm duvet cover, Target knit infinity scarf, Target superstar area rug

I think it would be fun to try and make those coasters from Martha, living in my GAP sweatshirts, that pink knit scarf from Target? So warm! The grey/pink superstar rug was one of my top choices for the baby's room but was a little too pricey. Still so cute though!

the reading nook.

Having something in the baby's room that incorporates the kids was very important to us. We want them to feel included in everything, like we always have. The kids love to read, and especially be read to. So we figured we could make a little corner of the baby's room a reading nook where they can read to their baby sister. They were both stoked at the idea!
The inspiration came from here! I love in the post, how the nook was setup right next to the baby's bed in a smaller room similar to ours. It looks so comfy and cozy, and something the kids can enjoy too as the baby grows. They can lay her down in the nook with them, and read stories to her. They were so excited when I showed them pictures, they couldn't wait until we started putting it together.
While the nook was being put together, the kids wanted to start their daily reading in the baby's room. They both read a book every night so they get better and better with reading. The both are really good readers!
Kev bought some PVC piping at Home Depot and started working on the measurements, etc. I am horrible with math, so glad he's an expert at all that kinda stuff.  
Pipe measurements done!  All it needs is some fabric!
The best part was picking out the fabric. As I have mentioned before, theirs not really a set theme for this room, just random bright colors everywhere! I decided on the above patterns, all purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. This store was where my Grandma June would frequent often, and I truly believe I was channeling through her the entire 3 hours I was in the store! lol It was the first time I had ever been in Jo-Ann's and it was the store she would always go to near her house. Plenty of fabrics to choose from for sure!
As I was sewing all the pieces together, my Mom gave us the really cool looking chevron pillows she had from the baby shower to use for the nook. The pink blanket on the floor is actually a small comforter for a little girl's bed that says "good night" all over it in white stitching, then the heart pillow we bought to go along with it.
The finished product turned out awesome! I did not take one single stinkin picture of the sewing process! It was fun, but a little challenging for me. I am not the best at hemming for sure, but still was pretty happy with the outcome. I sewed all five pieces of fabric together to the top yellow piece. For the front I made a cut down the middle to use as a door to keep it open when the kids are not using it. Out of the scraps I made little ties to keep the doors open. The two back sides that are against the wall, I rolled up a little bit because when the kids are in there they lean on it causing the whole thing to get a crooked.
In the meantime, the kids like it without the doors open so they can chill and play. They also love to read in there too, awesome...just awesome!

Absolutely love how this turned out. This is an easy DIY project that doesn't cost a lot of money. Instead of buying pillows, you can make your own out of fabric. Fabric does not cost much if you get it on sale or on clearance. You just have to do some searching beforehand to get the deals. I can't wait to see the kids start reading to their sister...it's going to be so cute!

around here.

around here received a sweet text message for Brady's birthday from his cousin Austin
around here had my emails down to zero at work!!! Love that feeling.
around here went to the pharmacy for the flu shot and the D-tap.
around here got a pedicure and manicure on my off day.
around here looking at Kev's baby pictures, wondering what the baby will look like...how cute is he?!?!

Not much planned for the weekend other than continuing to get ready for this baby, might do some shopping for more baby clothes, finish up the baby room because I can't wait to do a nursery room tour, and resting as much as I can.

Check out this website that is great for those who keep asking "Have you had that baby yet?"
Click here!

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away?

we're almost there.

Today is D day! Aka due date!

Sometime in the next two weeks, we will meet this little lady. It feels like it's been forever since we knew there was a baby in my belly. It's crazy how time flies though, some days it feels like I was just 8 weeks along and feeling like poo. But today I am 40 weeks and feel great!

For the most part, being pregnant has been an easy ride. No complications, no swelling, no pain, just major uncomfortable. I feel pretty lucky with all of that, from stories I hear from other previous prego moms they've had a much harder time with pregnancy. I do feel pretty damn lucky! I am also thrilled that soon she will be out of my belly and into my arms. It's going to be so awesome to look at this little girl in the eyes and think "so you're the one that's been dancing in my belly."

I cannot wait to see if she has Kevin's big feet, or my long fingers. I cannot wait to see what she looks like. I cannot wait to see what her hair looks like. I cannot wait to see everything about her! We did not get a 3D ultrasound done so we've only seen the blurry regular ultrasound pictures. From some photos she looks cute as hell, from other pictures she looks like a zombie lol Ultrasounds are so difficult to make out!

It's so exciting to know she will be here soon!!! We are praying for the safest and healthiest delivery!

2015 planners.

Every year I buy a new planner, planners are my life. I seriously write everything down in them all year round, keep track of everything, etc. Planners are my favorite! This year it took me awhile to decide which one to get, I like to try new ones each year to change things up a bit. 

The five planners listed above are the ones that were in the running this year.
(Click on the link to see the planner's website).
  • #1 Paper Source - I like how the cover is hardbound but the size might be too big for me to carry around in my bag everyday.
  • #2 Erin Condren - Erin Condren is my favorite, sometimes the price of her planners seem a bit high but other than the price the quality of her planners are fabulous. They hold up all year long!
  • #3 Plum Paper Designs - These are very similar to Erin Condren planners but cheaper.
  • #4 Emily Ley - A pricey one but very pretty!
  • #5 Whitney English - Another pricey one but love the setup of each page.
Soooo....want to know which one I went with for 2015?  Lucky #3!!!  Plum Paper Designs! It's on order and I can't wait until it arrives in the mail. I chose this one because it is so similar to the Erin Condren planners but $20 cheaper. We will see how it holds up for a year.

In 2012 I went with Erin Condren, click here to read more.
In 2013 I went with Erin Condren again! Click here to read more.
In 2014 I went a different route and chose Lilly Pulitzer. Click here to read more.

I love planners!!!  It has been tough not knowing when this little lady will make her entrance, still very much with child and it doesn't seem like it's going to be anytime soon unless she feels like surprising us!

Happy Tuesday.
P.S. Thank you to all of those who have served and who are serving our country today. My brother sent this video last night and it was awesome. Got a little teary eyed...I encourage you to watch it! 
Uncommon Valor : The Kyle Carpenter Story

brady turns ten.

Brady is ten years old today! Double digits!

On Saturday we celebrated his birthday with just us. We started the day with opening his presents, the big one this year was a remote controlled car that was super fast. That thing can move especially in our tall unmowed grass! lol
After presents, we went bowling and I have the photos on my big camera but it was fun. Brady bowled really well, even without the bumpers on the lanes. For dinner we went to one of our favorite places...Cancun.  I think the kids love coming here for birthdays because the staff sings them a song with a ukulele, they get a giant serving of mexican ice cream, oh and plus they get to wear a sombrero while they eat it! It's so cute and fun!
On Sunday while Brady and Kev were at karate, Natalie and I took George to the park to let him do some running. This poor dog has been couped up in the house a lot the past few weeks and he needs some exercise. Natalie ran him back and forth and then we went over to feed the ducks. George wasn't so sure about them, but stood there watching them eat.
We made homemade chocolate chip cookies for Brady to take to school for his class, he was so excited to bring them! And the plan is to make cinnamon rolls before school this morning! I hope he has a great day at school and a great week!

around here.

around here it's starting to feel like fall finally with ice on the windshield.
around here Grandma Gail bought Baby Merz winter coats to come home in!
around here I found a nice fall background on the internet.
around here we found out that Baby Merz has some hair, I can't tell what that is but they say its hair.
around here the morning sky was just beautiful.

Very happy it's Friday, very happy it's the weekend. Looking forward to taking the kids out for some fun to celebrate my stepson's birthday a few days early, and looking forward to the anticipation of when this baby is going to make her grand entrance! Her room is ready except for the walls, they are still bare. I have empty frames to hang, just need to make up my mind what I want to put in them! The kids are ready for their sister to get here, they both look at the calendar every day and tell us how many days until she's due. They are both super ready!

Happy weekend folks, hope its a good one!