around here.

- Enjoyed dinner on the river, it was great weather outside.
- Went to my first "adults only" festival and it was a blast.
- The crib came.
- George laying on my lap with his paw on the wall.
- Laundry laundry laundry, never ending.
- Little one's closet is getting fuller.

The weekend is here and I hope to relax and take it easy. It's been a rough week so I hope to focus on taking care of myself and not doing much. Maybe catch up on Project Life or watch some movies.

Happy Friday.

k & m in august.

he ripped up the carpet in the basement.

she is happy the mildew smell is gone.

he saw her uncle's farm for the first time.

brought back memories of shearing the sheep for her.

he painted the baby's room!

she supervised.

he took her to dinner on the river.

she had a blast at an adults only festival.

they won big money!

she had her first baby shower.

while he played some volleyball.

they have had a busy month getting the house together.

diy cardboard road.

For my soon-to-be nephew's 2nd birthday, I made him a spur of the moment homemade gift. This little boy is obsessed with cars, anything cars he's in love. So I googled homemade gifts for 2 year old boys and found this idea on the imagination tree.
I had a few empty cardboard boxes just laying around so I decided to use those. Just cut them up into different size pieces and went to town.
Cut out long rectangular pieces, shorter rectangular pieces, and then two half circles, and then a half circle cut in half for the corners.

Painted each cardboard piece with regular black acrylic paint.
While each piece dried I made the white lane line markers. Drew them freehand on regular computer paper. The longest part of this project was cutting out each little white square.
I used adhesive tape to put the white lane markers on each cardboard piece. Don't worry about the lines being perfectly straight, because they surely don't matter to a 2 year old.

When he opened the gift he loved it, although he was overwhelmed with all the other car gifts he had to play with as well.  It was an easy homemade gift that I threw together at the last minute for his birthday party.

Sometimes the easy last minute gifts end up being the best!

august : currently.

displaying a small baby bump at 27 weeks

excited to see the little lady move around in the next ultrasound.

living in maxi skirts

sleeping not so well.

taking weekly walks with George

eating so many bowls of Frosted Mini Wheats.

watching old movies from the library.

drinking lots of pink lemonades.

believing in what goes around comes around.

searching for a dresser.

putting together the crib!

creating thank you notes.

making a vacation mini-book.

baby shower.

First baby shower was this weekend! It was held by my high school girlfriends Christy & Laura, we all got together to shower the baby girl with some love. Thanks to my Mom and my friend Jonelle who took some of these photos for me.
They had lots of yummy food for us and cute "baby girl" decor. Their were three little ones there and I managed to get a photo of two of them...Charlotte & Harper, so cute.
They had cute games we played, everyone knows I love to play them!
Adorable little favors!
All in all it was a great shower and I'm so grateful for these girls. Thank you for showering this little lady with lots of love!

around here.

Cheers to FRIDAY!

It's been a crazy week.

- We have made huge progress in the baby room and it's looking fantastic! Her closet is slowly starting to look like a human being will be living in that room. Kevin installed a new ceiling fan in there, I'm obsessed with the knobs we bought for I got some for our room too! Kevin found this hardwood floor finish and it is amazing! The floor in the baby room looks so shiny and new now. We need to do the entire first floor with that stuff...eventually.
- George and our walks, he loves it.
- While my little worker bee husband was letting the hardwood floors dry, I hung out in Natalie's room, as a matter of fact we all slept in her room that night...Kevin and George! lol
- Pancakes for breakfast are one of my faves!
- Love how George is putting his paw on my leg in the photo, he's such a lover dog.
- Received a free print from Carrie and might use it for the baby room, or might use it to hang up on my bulletin boards not sure yet.

Tomorrow is my first baby shower hosted by two of my girlfriends and I'm so excited for it! I wish Natalie could come with us, but she is enjoying her last vacation for the year before school starts. Super excited for the weekend. Everything is starting to fall into place and its so fun!

Happy Friday.

we are now entering the third trimester.

So, it's getting a bit serious now. I'm entering the third trimester! That means at some point I am going to have to go through that whole going into labor thing. Freaks me out a little bit, but whatever course the baby wants to take I can handle it. Hopefully.

First and foremost...I get asked this question multiple times a day, "how are you feeling?" Some days I am more than happy to talk about how I'm feeling which is still just fine, but other days I want to answer people with other choice phrases that I will keep to myself for now lol

In general I am feeling just fine. Until the last 2 weeks, I haven't really started to show at all which has been awesome and weird. It's like am I ever going to start showing? I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet either. I wear a lot of stretchy skirts, but I know once it starts getting cold I'll need to buy some pants.

Another question I get asked is "have we thought of a name yet?" We have a name, but are waiting to reveal her name once she is born. We already know she is a girl, so we'd like to have at least one surprise!

As far as questions go, those two are the most I get asked. All and all it's not too bad, I understand people are excited and curious. It seems like everyone loves someone pregnant! =)
Last week I had the glucose test and passed with flying colors! They gave me this fruit punch type drink that I had to down in 5 minutes, and then afterwards wait an hour and then they took my blood, then waited for the results the next day. My blood sugar levels can handle some major glucose...wop wop! My iron is a little low, nothing scary low just want me to start taking some iron pills. My iron has always been kinda low my whole life so that wasn't a surprise to me, just have never taken pills regularly. The lab lady told me that some women throw up while they drink that stuff. Ugh I couldn't imagine. All it tasted like was bad Hawaiian punch, nothing too terrible.

I feel so lucky to have such an easy pregnancy thus far. Feel so blessed. There are about a million complications that can occur in the making of a human being, and if all I have to do is take an iron pill in addition to my pre-natal's for now...then I can happily manage. My Mom had easy pregnancies with both my brother and I, we were both 2 weeks late, but when we were ready to come out we were ready and it was quick. I'm hoping that's the case!