wedded wednesday : centerpieces.

Our centerpieces were beautiful! We ordered the wood pieces from save on crafts and were very happy with them. Each wood piece was the centerpiece on each table, on top of each wood piece were two mason jars. One tall one and one regular size. The tall one had the gorgeous flowers inside, the smaller mason jar had water with a floating candle inside. The table numbers were handmade by myself in Photoshop. And the black picture holders that held the table numbers were spray painted by my parents black. They came in silver, but couldn't find black ones so we chose to spray paint them all. Turned out great. 
We have one of the wood pieces on our dining room table at home as our centerpiece. We love it!  

Photos via : Sadie & Jess

i love april.

essie watermelon, jcpenney maxi skirt, hand-carved i love my state stamp, target mossimo sandals, west elm double lounger, ann marie's get shit done stamp.

A random list of wish items this month. Just the mood I'm in I guess. =)

our easter weekend.

Our Easter weekend was just beautiful. The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

We started off our weekend with my parents coming over for breakfast and to give the kids their Easter baskets from them since they wouldn't be with us this year. Kev made pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs. He's the best cook. My parents were outside tossing baseball with the kids and their new gloves.

I found on the Internet this cute little idea on how to make peep houses, so we tried that this weekend. Turns out to be a lot of work waiting for the frosting to dry and hold the graham crackers together.

I made 12 loaves of pistachio bread for my family and my husband's family. It's so good.

The kids found their Easter baskets Saturday morning.

The only photo I took on Easter Sunday was the one above with my Mom!

It was a great weekend....

Happy Monday.

6 months.

Happy 6 months of Marriage babe!
Love you!!!

missing grandma and devotion.

As we approach the Easter holiday this weekend, I am reminded of my Grandma and her traditions she used to do with the family. Going to her house after church, my Uncle Dirt cooking breakfast, figuring out how many plastic eggs each grand kid had for the Easter egg hunt, counting how many pieces of candy were in the plastic egg, all of those little things. Now that she's been gone for 3 years, we no longer have any of that and its hard to get used to.
I miss her so much and other days I just think about her a lot. Since she's been gone, lots of changes have happened in the family. Marriages, births, new jobs, loss of jobs, all kinds of things. And as I live my life through these big changes, I have noticed that the family is not as close as they used to be when Grandma was alive. Our family has drastically changed, and not so much for the better. If Grandma was alive, my gut tells me none of these changes would be happening. I find it so sad. Very sad! It's embarrassing sometimes to talk about it because some days I just think to myself how can people behave the way they do or feel the way they do and expect no consequences to come of it? Whatever happened to being kind to your family through thick and thin?
When Grandma was alive we used to get together all the time and would get excited about being together. I loved loved loved going to Grandma's house and seeing her. I loved talking to her. You could talk about anything with her, and the best part was she would never judge you. Ever. She would speak her mind about whatever it is you are talking about, and give her advice/opinion whatever it may be. Plus, she really listened to what you had to say. Now that she's gone, her house has been sold and no more going to Grandma's house. I really miss talking to her and really wish she was in my life right now. I used to randomly call her up and talk about whatever was on my mind, she would listen to me and make me feel like whatever I had to say was the most important thing in the world to her. I miss that soo soo much.

I will hear of things that happened with family or friends of the family, and then I find out the reaction on the situation. OMG. I have no words for it. Everything is such a big deal and they go on and on about the littlest things. What about being supportive of family? I am sadly finding none of that is there anymore since Grandma has been gone and it's so disappointing.

My parents have done a great job in making new traditions with the holidays by having most gatherings at their house now, I am grateful that I have the best parents in the world. They care about everyone and always put others before themselves.

I hope my Grandma is looking down on everyone and praying for us all! Missing my Grandma is hard some days, she was a special lady that made the world a little bit brighter. I needed to get some of these things off my chest so thanks for letting me share.
Happy Easter everyone!

And to my Dad, thank you for sending this...
"Don't just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good."
- Romans 12:9

k&m in april.

In April, they did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing the house.

It was a weekend of getting lots done.

It's impossible to get a photo with my husband without dip in his mouth

They spent a few hours freezing their tales off at Brady's first baseball game.

It's fun to watch those little guys play.

They visited Kev's grandma for the day, she enjoys seeing us and the kids so much.

She has been battling a bad headache for a few days.

He has been a great help.

They are excited to celebrate Easter this weekend with the kiddos.

wedded wednesday : guest book table.

Our guest book table was fantastic! My Mom and I found all of the items at random places like the country living fair, hobby lobby, etc.
I made the guest book banner from left over burlap, used regular white fabric paint and it turned out beautifully!

The actual guest book was a signature photo book made by our photographers Sadie & Jess! Each page had spaces around the photos for people to write their messages to us. We had four markers in our wedding colors, grey, purple, pink, and orange.

The book is filled with lovely messages for us and it's so nice to have as a memento from the wedding.