our staycation 2015.

For vacation this year, we decided to take a few days off and do some fun things around our city.  So in total Mandy fashion, I printed up a little somthing for the kids when they arrived at our house.  At first they were like, "what's a staycation?" lol But after some explaining, they caught on real quick.
I printed out an itinerary for each of the kids, including the babe of course. When she gets older she can see all the fun stuff we did when she was a baby. Inside the envelopes were the printed tickets to each of the things we were going to do.
Here's a closer view of the itinerary, they were all the exact same just different colors.
Dinner at Don Pablos on the river. 
Photo in front of the ballpark before we headed into the game.
Was excited to get Hadley's first game certificate. All you do is go up to the customer service area, and tell them it's your kids first game they print out this little certificate in seconds. 
Hadley is such a good baby. At a baseball game, way past her bed time she was a trooper. 
Day Two: Natalie fed her sister food for the first time and loved every second of it. Wiping off her mouth, talking to her, it was so cute.
We ventured downtown to eat an early dinner at the Taste of Belgium you would've thought kids that love waffles would've loved this place? Not so much. I guess because the waffles weren't Eggo brand, or Aunt Jemima syrup, they weren't real fans lol 
 After waffles, we headed to Washington Park for a Bootyard Bash country concert.
And played in the water too. Hadley was amazed at watching...

Day Three: Pool party! A bunch of my girlfriends, their kids, and significant others came over to swim. It was a perfect day!

Gumballs were oyster pearls, pretzel rods as driftwood. It was a beachy/pool theme, because we wish we were at the beach this year!
I made "bears on a beach" cupcakes! They were so cute, took a little bit of time to do two different icings on one cupcake, but loved how they turned out. (Source: Taste.com
Fun times!
Day Four. We arrived at the Ride the Ducks a little early, so we went in to Dick's Last Resort to kill some time. Our first time here, and we had a ball. The servers put these funny hats on your head and they come up with the sayings after talking to you a few times.
- Kevin: My thong hurts.
- Myself: Sometimes when I laugh I pee a little bit
- Brady: I thought it was a fart (smeared chocolate on his hat)
- Natalie: I kiss boys with cooties
- Hadley: Please circle - evil princess / good princess

If you can take a joke, I'd recommend going there but be prepared to pay a small fortune. It was a tad pricey. 
Ride the Ducks! It was so fun. Would not recommend sitting in the last row like Kev and Brady did, their backs got drenched.

They take you on a little scenic tour of the river, and then on land. It was fun and the kids enjoyed it!

After the ducks ride, we went to the Carew Tower, which Kev and I had never been to after living in Cincinnati for years and years. It's the tallest elevated building in the city. The tiny elevator going up to the top was a little scary lol
 Really great view and really neat to see that high up. 
Smale park was awesome, the kids loved it! So many things to do. They wore their bathing suits underneath their clothes, we let Hadley get soaked then changed her later. Definitely going back soon!
Day Five: The zoo!
Hadley was mesmorized by the animals, I can't wait to take her again!
The zoo was great! The kids had a blast, the weather was great too.
Our staycation came to an end when we dropped off the kids on their first day of school. 3rd grade and 5th grade! Natalie was a little nervous, but as they walked in with their class she was all smiles.

We had a great time, doing things in our own town for something different as a vacation. Little miss Hadley is the best baby, she just goes with the flow wherever we went. She'd nap if she could, or she'd nap in the car. She was just awesome. And it was even more awesome to see all three kids together for their vacation as a family. Good times!