@ 38 weeks.

Today marks the 38th week of this pregnancy! Cannot believe I've had a human inside my belly for that long, it's still so weird to think about. The end is getting very close and it freaks me out a little bit. The whole not knowing when something is coming from a person who writes everything down in her planner? Yea, freaked out a little. But then again, I know I cannot control when this little lady wants to make her grand entrance so I'm cool with that. Just have to wait right?

I'm at that point where complete strangers come up to me and ask about the baby. The majority of what's said is they cannot believe I'm this far along. Yes I know. I don't look huge and I thank the all mighty God everyday for that. It's been a blessing to not be a beast in the ninth month. I can't imagine having swollen ankles, fingers, etc. Nothing is swollen, nothing is annoying except my ability to get comfy anymore. If that's the worst that happens, I can take it...gladly. It amazes me what my body has undergone so far, how big the belly can get and how it just stretches almost overnight. It felt like one day I woke up and bam! I have a belly that sticks out now.

Soon we are going to be embarking on the next adventure for us. I cannot wait to meet this little one! We are as ready as we can be. With about two weeks left until my due date, I have to appreciate my body is keeping my girl healthy and safe. I do have a feeling she'll come after her due date though. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I am hoping for a turkey baby. I'd like her birthday to be a little bit away from my stepson Brady, but again....out of my control. All I can do is hope!

Kev on the other hand, thinks she'll come early. He wanted her to come yesterday on his birthday. But clearly that didn't happen. I do not however, imagine a crazy delivery with some wild story to tell for years and years to come. Right? lol So anyway, the end is coming. The countdown is almost to single digits. All we ask is that you make a safe and healthy entrance into this world. Leave the rest up to us....we got this.

k & m in october.

he has gone shopping and running around with me a lot this month.

she is loving it!

he is tagging along to every doctor's visit this month.

she is loving that even more!

they picked up the stroller

he put it together.

Natalie practiced walking her baby doll.

the kids are going to be the best big brother and sister ever.

she took a trip to Lil Nashville and haven't laughed so hard in awhile.

they celebrated their one year wedding anniversary

time just flies the older we get.

took the kids to a pumpkin festival

and carved pumpkins.

she is starting to feel really ready for this baby to come

he wants the baby to come today.

which reminds me....Happy Birthday Kev!!!

now you are finally 35 right along with your wifey lol

how we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.

We started out the day with a couples massage! We went to the Woodhouse Day Spa. It was Kev's very first time getting one, it was my second time but for obvious reasons it was my first prenatal massage. It was so cute seeing Kev with a robe on, I wish I had taken a picture! We go into this room with two beds set up, it looked so relaxing. Kev got a swedish massage and he was in heaven. Every once in awhile I'd open my eyes and look at him and he was just so relaxed he was probably almost asleep. The prenatal massage was fantastic also, I laid on my side and she did each side of my body. Only stipulation I have is they cannot touch my feet, I am so damn ticklish! lol As we left, they gave me a little goodie bag for Moms.   
After the massage we went home and exchanged gifts. Boy was I surprised! The boy did good! A watch, my first camo jacket that was totally girly and cute, perfume, and a bracelet that had our soon-to-be baby girl's birthstone on it! I got him clothes, yea I know it sounds boring but that's what he wanted and needed, plus the massage... 
We then got ready to go out for the night. We went to dinner and a comedy club with some ice cream in between. We had a great evening and a fabulous first anniversary! Happy one year of marriage babe it was fun!

around here on a monday.

It has been a few days since I have blogged and it feels really weird not having anything new on here. This past week was one of the busiest weeks for me work wise, and I did not have a second to even think about blogging! So I'm going to post an around here post like I normally do on Friday's for today.
around here we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary
around here we took the kids to Minges Pumpkin Festival
around here we put together the baby stroller and Natalie practiced with one of her baby dolls.
around here I finally made thank you notes for the last shower.
around here it is so weird seeing a car seat base in the car!
around here was at a hotel for three days in a row for a work event.
around here I was so glad to be home and off my feet.
around here the car got a good washing on a beautiful weekend.
around here I sent out all the handmade thank you notes, only to realize I didn't put a stamp on a single one! Oops!
around here the hair got a highlight and a trim.
 around here watched the Bengals pull out a win over Baltimore!
around here had George in the baby's room with me to get him used to the room and smells.
around here hung all of the babys clothes in her closet and sorted them by size.

It's been a crazy busy week but I'm glad it's over and the start of a new week is here!
Happy Monday!!!


One year...
...one home...
...two kiddos...
...one big dog...
...one baby girl on the way...

...and about three million adventures, photos, fights about nothing, iMessages, netflix movies, cancun dinners, emails, starbucks in the winter, projects around the house, and loads of laundry.

I love you babe. Happy anniversary (from Sunday). Cheers to celebrating our first year of marriage.
Cheers to embracing our life together for the next 51+ years.

movie night: the witches.

This movie night was a little different since I was out of town in Lil Nashville, so my in-laws took over! I wrote down all the instructions of how to do everything, etc. They did a fabulous job and the kids thought so too! The movie The Witches is an old favorite of mine.
They had pumpkin paper plates and our normal pumpkin cups with straws. I bought little fake witches fingers and hand cut some little mice to put around the table. For the snacks I had little reese cups with pretzel rods stuck in the middle so they looked like little broomsticks. For the drinks, they just had regular strawberry lemonade but I made a little sign that says "Formula 86". If you watch the movie you'll know what that means.
I heard that Brady was a little scared of the witches, but Natalie loved the movie!
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lil nashville trip 2014.

Usually every year my Mom and aunts and cousin go on a trip to Little Nashville, Indiana. We didn't go in 2013 because I was busy getting married, but we did go this year and it was so much fun!
On Friday we head to the outlet malls to shop shop shop. It was a little different shopping all day 8 months pregnant, did a lot of sitting for sure, but it was still all good. Bought the baby a few things, and of course the kiddos, saving it for Christmas presents. We all rode in my new ride which I keep wanting to post about but keep forgetting.
Once we are done with the outlet malls we head to Lil Nashville, get settled into the house we rent, and then find somewhere to eat. This place pictured above is 2 places down from our house and we usually always eat here but this night was terrible service all around. The tea was cold, the soup was cold, ran out of chili, just not fun. 
After dinner we headed back to the house, and decided to take a selfie on the couch. We took mass selfie's this weekend it was pretty funny. My cousin Lauren would hold the phone out and we'd all snuggle in behind her. We had a little wine bottle decor thing happening. We were supposed to decorate a wine bottle with a wine saying but some of us brought empty wine bottles lol I brought sparkling grape juice to enjoy after we looked at everyones bottles. My aunt Lori won for best saying, wish I would've written it down it was pretty cool. 
Saturday turned out to be a nice day, sun was shining and it wasn't too cold just cold enough to not really need a full jacket. We stop at this coffee place and I always get the hot chocolate, it is soo good!
These selfies were cracking me up but everyone always smiled and was willing to take them. My Mom and Aunt enjoying some beers.
For dinner Saturday night we ate at this brewery, and pictured above are these pink leather bracelets my Mom bought for her and I. They were really cute! 
Saturday night after shopping and eating all day, we played minute to win it games at the house. Oh my goodness it was hilarious. The photo above was my cousin Lauren trying to stack 3 golf balls on top of each other while I held her pump lol At the end of all of the games, my Aunt Amy made everyone gold medals made out of mini candy bars. So we pretended we were gold medalist and had two of my aunts stand on chairs pretending to be on the podium (they won 2 games each) and then my Aunt Lori and I won one game each. While everyone sang the National Anthem we stood there pretending to receive our medals, it was so funny. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, my stomach and face hurt!
Sunday was another good day weather wise and another good day for group selfies lol 
I love this picture only if Linda's eyes were open!!! It was a great weekend and we were all glad Aunt Cindy could make it this year. We laughed, shockingly no crying, and had the best time!  Until next time ladies!

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