movie night : honey i shrunk the kids.

This week's movie was another oldie (for me) but goodie. I'm starting to see a pattern with the kids, they will tell me they've seen the movie but it's been a long time then halfway into the movie they will say they haven't seen it. It's funny. Every weekend they both ask me if we are still doing movie night on Saturday. And unless we have something going on at night, I plan to do it every Saturday night that I can, or have enough energy to before this baby arrives!
For the snacks and treats this week, I made them super easy. We had a busy Saturday which didn't leave much time for preparation so I did easy like most times. You don't have to do much or make much since it's just us three, which makes it easy! How many times can I say easy in one paragraph??? =)
I couldn't think of anything to incorporate the baseball and the large ant in the movie. I won't tell you in case you haven't seen it. So I made up a plain baseball and ant in Photoshop, cut it out and taped it to a toothpick. I'm going to run out of toothpicks before 2014 is over! For a quick snack mixture, I threw together pretzels, cheerios, and M&M's in a bowl. They seemed to like it.
Learned something new about Natalie, she loves loves loves oatmeal creme pies! In the movie they find one of the kids' creme pies in the yard and they feast on it like it's a gigantic sweet treat!
Cheerios was a big scene towards the end of the movie, one of the kids was in the Dad's bowl of Cheerios so I stuck a few Cheerios onto a string for them to eat as they wanted. Natalie chewed every one off of the necklace like it was a candy necklace, and Brady did the same thing.
They were pretty tired this night. We had cheerleading in the morning, went shopping afterwards for new laundry baskets, and then they played outside all day right up until movie night time. I love it that they look forward to this every weekend!

around here.

This week has been a long one for sure! But the weather has made up for the long week, it's been beautiful around here, mild temperatures and it.
- We took George to get a bath and his nails trimmed. He gets so excited when we take him to the place he was trained at, it's like he's visiting his friends each time.
- Baby Merz's mattress came in, plus our first crib sheet, and an extra soft blanket!
- The little fake plant I have on the end of my desk had the glass all broken one morning. Had to pitch it because of all the sharp pieces everywhere. Now to think of what to replace it with?
- Eating #lunchoutside is one of my favorite things to do during the work day. It helps to get outside and get some fresh air once in awhile.
- Discovered chewy lemonheads....very good.
- Listened to a mini concert outside of the building's garage.
- The pool is officially closed (insert sad face here).
- George's new thing when he goes outside is he pushes his nose against the gate to see if it's open so he can get out lol

Happy Friday folks. Hope you have a great weekend!

k & m in september.

she started back to school this month.

he gets to sleep more now.

they bought a new (used) car!

she couldn't love it more.

he wishes he was the primary driver.

she started movie nights with the kids.

he loves getting a picture sent to him while at work.

they both got their health screenings.

they both passed with flying colors...even while pregnant I was thrilled.

she is having mass doctor appointments.

he closed the pool this month.

she is happy for the fall weather to arrive.

movie night : free willy.

Free Willy is a great movie and I remember watching it when it first came out. The kids had both seen it but it had been a long time too.
I totally cheated with the cupcakes and bought them at the grocery store but do the kids really care how I make the cupcakes? Absolutely not. They had little fox rings in the center of the cupcakes so I just pulled them off and stuck my whale sticks in the middle.The most work I had to do for the cupcakes was cut out the little whales and tape them to a toothpick.
Blue jello in plastic cups. You can't see it really but I threw in two swedish fish at the bottom of each cup. Take my advice, don't do that because the fish tasted gross after being settled into the jello!
 Whale Bait was easy, put some gummy worms and fish in a cup with a little sign.
 Blue koolaid again because Willy lives in the ocean but was stuck in the tank in the movie.  Taped the little cutout whales to the straws.
They love movie night, and I love that they love it too. It makes our weekends without Kevin a little bit better.

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colors of fall.

Happy first day of Fall! Some people thought it was yesterday, but I read on the Farmers Almanac fall offiically started at 10:29pm on Monday 9/22.  So I'll just say it's today! Happy fall folks! The above photos are colors that remind me of the fall season. Pumpkins, purple mums, candy corn, and cranberries. I'm glad fall is here, I'm ready to dress for cooler weather, drink some apple chai teas from Starbucks, and wear some cute boots!

Happy first day of fall!

sibling class.

On Saturday we took the kids to a sibling class held at the hospital I'm going to deliver at. It's a class that prepares the big brother and big sister for the arrival of the new baby. They each had to bring a baby doll or teddy bear of their own.  The lady who taught the class was so very patient! The age ranges of the kids in the class varied from 2 years old to 11 years old.  The class taught them how a new baby looks and acts and how to adjust to the new baby.  They learned how to hold the baby, swaddle the baby, feed the baby a bottle, change a diaper, and what kind of toys an infant would like and how to play with them.
After the class portion was over, we took a tour of the labor and delivery unit. The kids got to see the room I would deliver in, and the room you go in after delivery. They got to see the nursery, however, most hospitals don't use nurseries anymore, the baby stays in the room the majority of the time which is nice.

It was very cute and the kids seemed to enjoy it. The class got them even more excited about the arrival of their new baby sister. They can't wait until the day's getting closer and closer!

If you have younger kiddos and are expecting a new baby, I think a sibling class is a great idea for them. It involves them in the process, and gives them a sense of responsibility as the older siblings. 

around here.

- We picked up a dresser for the baby's room and Kev started painting it. Can't wait to start organizing it full of clothes and things to fill it.
- Giving George some luvins.
- Started watching Orange Is The New Black Season 1 and I am hooked. Can't wait to finish the first season!

The weather is starting to get cooler, we are closing the pool on Monday so I am ready for the fall season to arrive! Comfy pants and sweatshirts, boots, and scarves it is!

Happy Friday.