it's tuesday.

It's been a little stressful this week so far, so all I am thinking of is my happy place. The beach. Wishing I was there with my beach chair, rum and coke, and no worries except how long to sit in my beach chair for the day!

Happy Tuesday.

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from the weekend.

Friday - Hadley kept looking out the window for her brother and sister but come to find out Brady wasn't feeling well so they weren't coming until Saturday morning.
After dinner we gave Hadley some angel food cake and strawberries, she loved it.
Saturday - Hadley and I went for an early morning walk/run.
Saturday & Sunday went to the lake. Hadley just loves boat rides putting her hands up when we go fast, Brady didn't feel so well but the sunshine helped a little.

Happy Monday. Make it a great week!

around here.

around here the drive to work one morning was just beautiful.
around here the kids started school! 6th and 4th graders!
around here watching Hadley be more and more independent is just something else. George laying in the corner, not on his bed, and opened some bubbly. So good!
around here started a mini project around the house, will share more soon!
around here made a trip to Home Depot and started painting the mini project.
around here finally got reimbursed for the car seat that was stolen out of our car last month. Hadley loves to watch people make pizza when we pick it up.

The big kids come back tonight! It has been three weeks! Just crazy. School has started, sports have started, back into the daily grind of everything that comes when school starts. Lots of busy days ahead. Looking forward to the weekend, it's going to be a hot one! Happy Friday and happy weekend.

one month.

One month ago today our car was stolen. Yes. Stolen. Can you believe it? We can't either.

It all happened while we were vacationing in Florida last month. Someone decided they wanted to take our car right out of the parking garage, while we were on vacation! We drove the car down to Florida, and not even 36 hours into the trip, the car was gone. It has been a nightmare and I hope none of you have ever had this happen to you.

Thank goodness for great insurance because we drove a 2016 rental all week while in Florida, drove it back home, and currently still driving it! One day after we arrived home, they found the car. A cop was pulling the car over for speeding, they sped off, left the car in a ditch somewhere, and ran off. Sad to say, the thieves did not get caught, but the police found the car. Pretty damaged too, here are some pictures below.
So the insurance company decided to get the car fixed in Florida. The car is done and they are working on shipping it back to us in Ohio. Praying the car looks brand spankin new after this long!

Seriously hope this never happens to you or anyone you know, it has not been fun! Dealing with the people at the towing company who had the car, what all that entails just to release the car to the insurance company, things like that have just been a mess. Maybe I'll give an update when we get the car back! Crossing the fingers it's in tip top shape.

Happy Thursday people!

52 weeks of Hadley : 34/52.

I'm going to be taking one photo of Hadley every week for a year in 2016. Nothing fancy.
No background setups. No fancy props. Just Hadley in everyday life.

Photo 34 of 52.

recent instagram favorites.

Like alot of people I know, I am still instagramming my life away. I love instagram. The above photos are some random pictures I have posted on instagram from the past month or so, and how I use the edit feature and filters.

1. Use the edit feature. I love to use the edit feature on the photo, and enhance the photo myself instead of using the filters. This is my favorite way to edit on instagram, mainly to brighten up dark photos.

2. Juno & Valencia are my favorite filters, if/when I use them.

3. Hashtags. Love to use hashtags. Some people think they are annoying, I love them. Hashtags give you an entirely different way to search other photos, get ideas for things, etc.

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from the weekend.

Started off the weekend with cutting the grass! Something I always love to do.
Friday night went to a local festival and ran into my cousin that is in town from the Air Force! So much fun!
Saturday picked up the babe, did a little shopping, and ate out for dinner.
Sunday morning went on a run and then had some eggs.
 Sunday we celebrated baby Adalynn and her baptism.
And then dinner at our favorite place.

Happy Monday! Make it a great week...