around here.

around here we love our Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med shows.

around here started to do some Christmas crafts.

around here introduced Miss Hadley to washi tape and she loved it.

around here had dinner with the girls. Yummy white cheese, margaritas, and girl talk.

around here Hadley has started blow drying her hair after each bath. She is so grown up!

Happy Friday! Yay! So ready for this weekend. Christmas time is here. I love this time of year. Excited to do some festive things with the kids, and to watch Brady play his first basketball game of the season. Have a good weekend folks!

happy december.

Happy Thursday and most importantly Happy December!

I feel great about this month. The tree is up, our festive decorations are up, and elf on the shelf is out and about. I am realizing that the holidays indicate the passing of time more than anything else. It's crazy to think Hadley looked like this last year, Brady and Natalie looked like this, and Kevin and I looked like this!!! So amazing.

In my head, my brain is filled with so many ideas for things to make and do this month. I want to make a new advent calendar because this one is practically falling apart. I want to start another holiday book, go see the best Santa around, and make some cookies for the kiddos.

Wishing you all the best this last month of the year.

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52 weeks of Hadley : 48/52.

I'm going to be taking one photo of Hadley every week for a year in 2016. Nothing fancy.
No background setups. No fancy props. Just Hadley in everyday life.

Photo 48 of 52.

our turkey days & hadley turned two.

We celebrated Thanksgiving #1 at my in-laws house on Thursday. We also celebrated Hadley's 2nd birthday there too! Brought a few decorations to make it a little festive for a birthday.
We had cupcakes for the birthday girl, she loves the Happy Birthday song!
My nephew Max was having a field day taking photos of our dog George and his dog Murphy. He was posing them and everything, it was adorable. Hadley was having fun playing with her new Minnie Mouse and her cousin Mattie.
Turkey Day #2 was at my parents house this past Saturday, we celebrated Hadley's 2nd birthday also! I made her a little mini two-layered cake for her to blow out the candle with. It was white cake with homemade pink buttercream frosting! So good.
Cookies for dessert, they are the best tasting and looking cookies! Check them out The Cookie Shop!
Had some decorations of course, what's a birthday without decorations!
New this year, my Dad deep fried a turkey! It was so so so so so good!!!
We played a few simple games because their were only two little ones old enough to play and one was sleeping so it was just Hadley and her cousin Pennie. I drew a large black Minnie Mouse on a poster board by coloring in with black magic marker. Made the Minnie bows in PhotoShop, cut them out, and put tape on the back so the kiddos could put them on Minnie. Pennie put hers in different spots, Hadley put hers all on top of each other.
The second game was more like a little craft, I put a blank Minnie Mouse face on a popsicle stick, and had them put a bow, eyes, and nose on the face. 
 Big sister Natalie came in to help them, it was so cute!
They were pretty proud of their Minnie's!
Present time! She got so many cute toys and clothes.  She was ready for more grown up girl toys for sure! We've had the same toys since she's been born.
Cake time! She loves it when you sing Happy Birthday, we sing it at least one or two times a week. She blew out her candle like she has been doing it for years. 
I'm a big fan of favors, I just like to give something to people that take the time to come to a party and celebrate. So I made these chocolate Minnie Mouse lollipops! It took a lot of time to make, and cut out the Minnie Mouse heads saying thanks for coming! 
My sweet Hadley Mae, you are now two years old. You are no longer a baby, you are now a full fledged toddler! Two whole years you have been in our lives now and I am so happy I get to be your Mom. Getting to know you this past year has been so awesome. You are talking up a storm, more clearer everyday, trying to communicate to the world. I love watching you grow up. No one can prepare you for how fast it really goes. Way too fast. It makes me sad some days, but only some days. Most days I am over the moon happy, because I get to watch you grow and I get to be your Mom. It's the best job ever.

Happy 2nd Birthday Hadley!


around here.

around here took the big camera to Brady's karate tournament.
around here always crack up at her facial expressions.
around here watched the Bengals game in a gym. Fun times.
around here celebrated Hadley turning 2 with fried ice cream at our favorite mexican restaurant.
around here loving how Black Friday starts on a day that isn't Friday. HaHa.

Busy week around here, and even busier weekend! Having Thanksgiving with my in-laws on Thursday, and another Thanksgiving on Saturday with my family. In between there we are celebrating Hadley's 2nd birthday with each family. Fun fun times! Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with friends, family, or whomever you might be celebrating with!

give thanks.

This year I am thankful for:
  • unconditional love.
  • family.
  • laughter.
  • patience.
  • time.
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

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52 weeks of Hadley : 47/52.

I'm going to be taking one photo of Hadley every week for a year in 2016. Nothing fancy.
No background setups. No fancy props. Just Hadley in everyday life.

Photo 47 of 52.