k&m in april.

In April, they did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing the house.

It was a weekend of getting lots done.

It's impossible to get a photo with my husband without dip in his mouth

They spent a few hours freezing their tales off at Brady's first baseball game.

It's fun to watch those little guys play.

They visited Kev's grandma for the day, she enjoys seeing us and the kids so much.

She has been battling a bad headache for a few days.

He has been a great help.

They are excited to celebrate Easter this weekend with the kiddos.

wedded wednesday : guest book table.

Our guest book table was fantastic! My Mom and I found all of the items at random places like the country living fair, hobby lobby, etc.
I made the guest book banner from left over burlap, used regular white fabric paint and it turned out beautifully!

The actual guest book was a signature photo book made by our photographers Sadie & Jess! Each page had spaces around the photos for people to write their messages to us. We had four markers in our wedding colors, grey, purple, pink, and orange.

The book is filled with lovely messages for us and it's so nice to have as a memento from the wedding. 

aannd its Monday.

Happy Monday!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is off to a great start.
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around here.

- Natalie lost her second front tooth this week.
- The sunshine coming in on my desk at work is just wonderful.
- Kev met me for lunch and brought George, he loves riding in the car.
- George hanging out with Kev while he breaks down boxes.
- We grilled porkchops on the deck while the sun was beaming in.
- The weather yesterday was just beautiful and wish everyday could be that nice.

Looking forward to this weekend big time, according to the weather app on my phone it looks like a goregous weekend. Hope to get outside with the kids and George and just enjoy it.

Happy Friday!

april : currently.

watching George play in the front yard.

loving that baseball season is finally here.

thankful Biology class is finally over.

seeing Natalie lose her second front tooth.

enjoying lots of one on one time with my husband.

cleaning the basement, laundry room, and garage.

seeing Luke Bryan & Blake Shelton host the ACM's this year.

wearing lighter jackets for the warmer weather.

celebrating my Dad's big 60th birthday.

keeping all our plants alive for 3 years in a row.

wishing summer would get here sooner than later.

needing to read more books.

loving the month of April so far.

wedded wednesday : seating assignments.

For our seating assignments, we used plain wooden pallets! My husband hammered in all the nails that held each tag, and my maid of honor helped make each individual name tag.
Each name tag was handwritten by me using a regular black sharpie. I put the last name of each family in larger font, then the first names smaller underneath the last name. Hand wrote the table and table number below the names. Each tag had a piece of lace glued on by my maid of honor Laura, and white ribbon tied on the top.
I made the key sign in Photoshop Elements, it says, Please find the key to your seat, with a quote "Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness." I found the frame at our local Hobby Lobby.
Loved how these turned out! Very simple but very rustic too!

Photos via : Sadie & Jess

happy monday.

Over the weekend we were without the kids and we accomplished so much! Yesterday, we organized our basement and finally got all of our wedding gifts that can't fit in our kitchen onto these shelving units that Kev put together. In order to do that, we had to go through all of my clothes that are in the basement and I got rid of a ton that I haven't worn in close to a year. My motto is when cleaning, if I haven't seen it or touched it in a year it's time to pitch it! Then Kev cleaned out the garage, it looks soo good!

Now that we had a productive weekend, I'm ready to get this week started!!!

Happy Monday. Hope your week is off to a great start!

(Photo source : Sunday Drive)