around here.

Around here...
- Natalie received her First Communion and she looked so pretty!
- Miss Hadley is getting used to our favorite mexican restaurant.
- Eating lunch outside is (as everyone knows) one of my favorite things to do.
- Hadley had her 6 month checkup, received shots, and was a trooper.
- We are spending lots and lots of time in the front and back yard. Flowers are planted, mulch is down, pool is clear, and our dog George likes to be out there with us. Working on a post with all the updates very soon! Still a work in progress in some areas...
- Hadley tried pears for the first time this week and the look on her face was hilarious! Every time she tasted them, she looked like she was sucking on a lemon!
- George is worn out from doggie day care.

Soo ready for this long weekend! We will be spending it with family at the lake! Hope the sun comes out all weekend and warms these cooler temperatures up. Missing the big kids so much and I hope they have a good weekend too.

Cheers to Memorial Day weekend!

hadley @ 6 months.

My girl...6 months old today! 

You are sitting up now, all by yourself. Sometimes you'll fall over if you are sitting up trying to grab a toy that got away from you, but for the most part you are good on your own.

We started you on cereal two weeks ago, and then added in some fruit for the first time last night. Not sure if you like the pears, but we're going to try one more day or so and see how it goes.

Sleeping through the night has finally come...I think?!?! The cereal has seemed to help a lot, or maybe it's just because you are getting older, or maybe a mixture of both! You are such a good baby, you are calm all the time. I hope you stay that way as you get older.

You are hilarious. Some days I just laugh at the little things you do. When you are taking your bottle and George is in the room, you have to constantly sit up and see what he's doing. You love George. So much, we think that might be your first word.

When your brother and sister are around, your entire face lights up with a smile. You love seeing them and being with them. They both love to hold you, even though it's a struggle for them to for long periods of time lol I can't wait to see the interaction between you three as you grow.

Baths. You love being in the bathtub. I really can't wait until you are playing with all your toys. But for now, you are happy just laying there eating the toys.

Six months ago, I became your mama. I have spent every day since then loving you and learning from you. This whole motherhood gig is forever life changing and I love every second of it.

Happy 6 months babe!

k&m in may.

he worked a saturday this month

she hopes its the last time he works on a weekend

we both cheered on family members at the flying pig marathon

grilled out three times this month

back to school once a week for her

one on one time for him with miss hadley

he has worked on the pool a lot

she has worked on the yard a lot

he mulched the yard

she planted in the yard

we gave Hadley cereal and she is loving it

she helped plan a surprise birthday celebration for her mother

he was our driver

may has been a fun month!

January / skipped February / March / April

a brewery tour.

This past weekend we surprised my Mom with a brewery tour of our own. We called it the "Brew Ride of '55". She is a huge fan of craft weird beers as I call them. So we thought she'd love to visit some of the local breweries in town for her birthday.  This was a big birthday...her 60th and she did not want to do anything big so we kept it small with just us. These cards and envelopes I made for her to have before each stop.
My brother and Dad took her to Sushi on Saturday afternoon because she loves sushi, well her and my brother mainly do. While they were eating there, Kevin and I were on our way to surprise her with the #brewrideof55 for her birthday. I decorated the inside of our car for her own brewery tour.

We came up with the hashtag #mamagailturns60 and #brewrideof55 for the day. I created a 4x6 card and put the image of each brewery at the bottom of the card. Outlined the card in green since its one of my Mom's favorite colors.
Hung the birthday banner we have at home across the middle seats, blew up a few balloons and had them just floating around on the floor, hung the streamers from the ceiling of the car, and then I made these little signs to hang up.

First stop: Tafts Ale House.
Tafts had to be my favorite place out of all the breweries we visited. The atmosphere was so awesome inside. The building used to be an old church, they had 3 levels too. It was huge and really cool inside. Oh and strong beer too.

Second stop: Rhinegeist
We walked from Tafts to Rhinegeist and oh my goodness it was hot, muggy, and sticky. Then we arrived and had to truck up 5 flights of stairs it seemed, to an un-airconditioned place! It was really neat inside though, huge tanks and lots of fans going everywhere. Had games of corn hole going on too.

Third stop: Mad Tree
From Rhinegeist to Mad Tree we had to drive, and luckily I brought a bag full of snacks to munch on! Popcorn, tootsie roll pops, cheez-its, and granola bars. Mad Tree was pretty cool too. They all were really! Kev and I split a little pizza together, it was so good. The inside of this place was not as appealing to me, but still neat to visit breweries we had never been to.

Dinner reservations were at a restaurant called Seasons 52, which was maybe 5 minutes from the last place we stopped at. My brother dropped off the cake at the restaurant earlier that day, I brought along with us 60 candles and the restaurant actually put them all on the cake and lit them for us! It lit up the whole table!

It was an awesome day and we all had so much fun! Happy Birthday Mama!

mama gail.

Happy Birthday to the loveliest mama a girl could have.

Thanks for teaching me the importance of honesty, being funny, showing me what true selflessness is, especially after having Miss Hadley, and letting me be exactly who I am through all my artistic, weird eating habit ways, and for being so darn amazing.

Love ya! I hope you have the best day today!!!

Check back later for a photo and check back tomorrow for her birthday celebration!

around here.

Thank God It's Friday!!!

Around here we are.....

  • smiling all the time
  • taking walks in the nice weather
  • looking for George in the car
  • cleaning bottles all day everyday
  • displaying bright kitchen towels
  • admiring the flowers in our front yard
  • eating lunch outside
  • all smiles again!
This week has been a long one and I am so ready for the weekend. We've got lots on the agenda. Mowing the lawn, yard work, pool chemicals, a birthday dinner, and a 1st communion. Looking forward to spending time with family and getting things done around the house. It's supposed to rain I think, but hoping the weatherman is wrong this time. We've got lots to do outside! 

Have a great weekend!

jergens natural glow.

My favorite tanning lotion to use is Jergens Natural Glow. Typically start using it before Easter or right around that timeframe.  It helps to give my skin a little bit of color after being so pasty white all winter. It doesn't smell bad at all, my only complaint is you have to let it fully dry before you feel like it's all rubbed into your skin.  But other than that, I love this stuff!

The Fair to Medium skin tones is the one I use. I already have fair skin to begin with, so that one gives me just enough color to feel not like a ghost anymore. Spring time you start to wear short sleeved shirts, flip flops, capris, and those white legs, arms, and feet are in need of some color.