These photos are nearly a year apart. February 20, 2016 on the left, and February 15, 2017 on the right. 

My little one is a little girl now and it's when I see the side-by-side comparison that it really hits home. She's so talkative, like non-stop, and talking to her is probably my favorite thing to do. Last year we kept saying over and over how we wish she'd start talking, well now she is! She definitely has her own fashion sense, loves boots, Minnie Mouse, and her sunglasses. She always has to have them in the car when the sun is in her eyes, she's a sun lover! This time last year the weather looked a little warmer since no coat in the photo. I'd guess we were outside grilling steaks, which we will be doing tonight too! Yum.  

Nothing else for this Monday really, had a busy weekend full of basketball games galore. Ready to get started on the week. Happy Monday folks!


around here started our Sunday with some family bowling. The kids did great, they had their own lane with bumpers, while Kevin and I had our own lane sharing with Hadley. It was fun!
around here had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Natalie actually tried something new...a cheese quesadilla!  haha
around here I play around with SnapChat so much, it cracks me up. Every weekend, Natalie always asks me, "so did you have fun with SnapChat this week?"
around here spent Valentines Day with these two loves.
around here Miss Hadley is having some pooper issues, poor thing.

Another week is gone, and the weekend is here. The weather looks like it's going to be fantastic, cannot wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. We need it around here.
Have a good one my peeps...


Last week was one of those where everything made me cry or upset, just one of those things. So I made this little book to clear my head. Hope to fill it out more, but for now it helped and it turned out super cute. Just used some of the paper I have down in the lady cave! Sometimes the most random non-planned things can turn out so good. Happy Thursday peeps! One more day to go....


She has been crafting up a storm lately.

For the SuperBowl festivities

He was able to watch some of the big game.

She has been needing some girl time.

He has been needing some free time.

She has had some awesome off days.

Which involved George at doggie daycare.

He helped Hadley bowl for family bowling day.

She was all smiles.

It's February and the weather has been warmer just like January was.

She wishes for more sunshine.

He does too.

This is our only photo together for the month so far.

We need to take more photos together.

Which is what I said last month lol

K&M posts:


Excited to share Hadleys valentines this year! Looking back in the archives, I did not write a post on last year's valentines, darn! They involved paint also!
Decided to go with paint again, since Hadley enjoys it so much! I gave her some red and pink paints and let her go at it. Ended up with a sweet little painting that I took a photo of.
After I emailed the photo to myself, I created a 5 x 7 canvas in PhotoShop Elements, and lightened the photo up a bit. Created two circles, one for the photo, and one for the text. Backed each of them with some thick pink scrap paper I had on hand, to give it some texture.
They have been stuffed in envelopes, stamped, and washi taped up, and out the door they went last week! Simple and sweet. I also sent two to Daddy and Uncle Adam at work, they were both excited to get happy mail while at work!

Love sending out Valentines each year. Miss Natalie is not in the photo, she chose not to participate that day because she was tired from her basketball game, which is totally okay...her choice! So Hadley and her big brother took some photos, and she was so very happy, especially with that green sucker in her hand!


The week is over because it's Friday finally! Here are a few snippets of our week, mainly from my off day when we did some running around. Hadley tried out some "big girl panties" as we're calling them, and did okay for the first time wearing them. We always play with the Snapchat faces at least once a week, they can always put a smile on your face every time! It's been a pretty chill week, let's hope for a chill Saturday and Sunday. Happy weekend...