around here.

around here we are getting kisses from Daddy.
around here Hadley got her 4 month shots.
around here she is still all smiles even after getting shots.
around here Kev and I are packing lunches everyday.
around here we had lunch with our Aunt Amy.
around here we tried cereal for the first time. Not sure she's a fan yet.
around here the cereal conked her out.
around here Hadley tried a new toy out and loved it.
around here I am wishing for warmer days to come very soon.

Happy Friday!!!

bits of the weekend.

Had a great weekend, went dress shopping with Natalie, had brunch with family, spent the majority of our day outside yesterday! Everyone was out, it was like grand central station on our street. And a big Happy Birthday yesterday to my little brother. Hope it was fantastic!

Happy Monday folks! Make it a great week...

around here.

around here we are taking rides in our stroller around the house.
around here George loves to lay on his new bed with half of his body. I don't get it.
around here I cannot wait for March Madness to begin!
around here I met my husband for lunch one last time before next week!
around here we tried the peppermint patties for the first time and they were delicious!
around here the month of March is shaping up to be super busy.
around here waiting in doctors office while they run thirty minutes late....ugh.
around here we are loving the sunshine and taking walks to wear out this big guy.
around here Miss Hadley is a fan of walks.
around here Hadley likes to watch her protector George smell and lick her lol
around here the sunroof is open and the fresh air is coming in.
around here we are laying on our tummy and getting so excited.

So happy it's Friday and the weekend is here. Looks like more rain in the forecast but I'll take that over snow for sure. Sunday and the rest of next week looks pretty nice with warmer temperatures and more sunshine. Looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the sun as much as we can. It's been a long winter and we're ready for summer.

Have a good weekend!

faces of Hadley.

She is a crack up. As soon as the phone comes out, she just stares and has this blank look about her. Maybe she's thinking, "why do you keep pointing that thing at my face?" Get used to it darlin. From this angle she looks like a little chunky monkey and her hair all messy from laying down. Love watching her grow everyday.

i love march.

plain white lucky shamrock t-shirt, printed maxi skirt: target, corona cuff: anthropologie, color theory button mix: studio calico, classic black flip flops: old navy, diy st. patrick's day onesie: love it so much.

Another love of mine is St. Patrick's Day! Too bad I have school this year or I'd be out celebrating with my girl Jonelle. Here are a few things I'm loving in the Internet world for the month of March. The printed maxi skirt cries out "spring will you please get here soon!" The cuff from Anthropologie is very simple which is my kind of jewelry. The buttons from Studio Calico were just a cute thing to add for the color green. And that M onesie? How cute is that! Last but not least, my favorite thing to wear in the spring/summer seasons...flip flops! Classic black. Seriously, cannot wait for warmer weather to get here. All this cold, snow, and rain can just go away until next winter. What are you loving for March?

Happy green beer month!
And speaking of GREEN, check out this background wallpaper!

hang over easy.

My brother and I checked out a new place before the last UC basketball game. It's called Hang Over Easy.  It's located in the middle of UC's campus. Really cool place.
The game was fun! We won! Go Bearcats!! Excited for March Madness the tournament and filling out the brackets each year.
Now back to Hang Over Easy. The inside of this place has a huge bar area and then tables on either side. We sat at the bar and ate a quick breakfast before the game.
After the game, we went back and played Big Jenga or whatever it is called. First time playing this and it was so fun! Of course my DIY brain thought, you could totally make this! All it is, is pieces of wood cut out. This would be a great outdoor summer game.

This place was really fun, their were lots of people there hanging out before the game. I would definitely go back to visit.

More information: Click here

movie night: snow day.

Last week's movie was Snow Day! How fitting for all the snow we are getting right? The kids were off all week about two weeks ago, and then the previous week they were off one day with a few early dismissals. The amount of snowfall we've been getting has just been crazy, so what a perfect movie pick!
As you can see I did not have much for this week's movie, but anything that I do whether it be lots of detail or very little, the kids still get excited each week. We had popcorn, marshmallows, oreos, white chocolate chips, and Sprite to drink. Notice a theme? Everything is white since snow is white obviously. I told the kids to pretend the oreos were covered in white chocolate.
It's hard to see I know, but I drew a little picture of the kids sledding down a hill lol They both laughed and thought it was cute.
For the popcorn cups, I just used clear plastic ones that drew a little snowman face on the front and threw in some popcorn.  Nothing too creative, but very simple and they love it. One thing I did learn was that they both do not like white chocolate! lol 
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