take me to the water.

I cannot wait to spend this week with my family in the hot Florida sun, the ocean waves, and the sand between my toes. My biggest worry for the week? When the tide's gonna reach my chair...

Kevin is excited.
The kids are super excited.

Happy Vacation week!


Going to see this guy tonight...Jimmy Buffet himself.

Bad News: Zero.

Good News: It's going to be hot!

Great News: My Mom is his biggest fan.

Best News: Vacation starts tomorrow!

around here.

It's Friday! Last day of work! Last day of thinking about work! Only five more days until vacation is here! Busy week around these parts. Took a lunch break outside to enjoy the beautiful 73 degree weather in mid-July! Kev and I joined our closets and so far so good. Got my hair trimmed and highlighted, always like to do that before vacation. And last night we went to watch our niece and nephew swim at their last meet. It was a perfect night for it too. It made me miss swimming so much!

So very glad it's Friday. So very glad to start the weekend.

Happy Friday.

the start of baby's room.

We are making progress on the baby's room! We currently call this room the "blue room" hence the blue walls that we've never touched since we moved in 3 years ago this September. This room is our spare bedroom where my husband kept all of his clothes, all of my get ready stuff, and George's dog cage. We had a pull out couch in there, along with a big dresser.
All of the big items are in the basement now, which is slowly becoming half the lady cave and half of what is the start of Kev's man cave! All that's left in the blue room is just random little things. George's dog cage still in the corner along with all the dog hair along the floor walls, and just things from the closet and on top of the dresser.

Next on the list...paint!

(All photos taken with terrible lighting on my iPhone)

k&m in july.

They registered for the baby this month.

He came with her...it was awesome and long.

She had her second ultrasound and lil miss Baby Merz was in a comfy position showing us her back instead of her front.

They have to go back next month to have another.

Enjoyed the lake with her brother.

Missed the kids on the fourth this year.

He made her pancakes and then cleaned out her car one morning.

She thanked him by dragging him to Babies R Us and then buying him new gym shoes afterwards.

They ripped up the carpet and have now have awesome bedroom floors!

Seven more days until vacation...

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what our weekend looked like.

Our weekend in photos. It was a much needed weekend with just my husband and I together, we miss the kids for sure but it is nice to have that alone time every now and then too. Now the countdown begins for our family vacation...8 more days until the sunshine of the Florida sun and the smell of the ocean air!

Happy Monday. Hope your week is off to a great start!