My favorite work out / lounging around the house gear is Fabletics! First thing I must mention, it seems like they are very expensive, which some are but once you buy your first outfit then you get VIP deals! Seriously, this brand is awesome. The fabric fits so good, and being a plus-size girl it fits so well. Sometimes it's hard to find nice clothing that works when you are walking, running, etc. 
Kate Hudson is the co-founder of this brand. I love her! You can read more here and watch the video.  
How it works is you take the fit quiz, then you can purchase your first outfit for only $25! Then each month after that you have to log in and by the 5th of each month, buy something or "skip" that month, meaning you don't have to buy anything. But if you don't go in and hit "skip", they will charge you. Trust me, I figured this out the first month haha. You get VIP credits which can be put towards a purchase.  
My favorite top is the Leon Tank I wear it all the time! 
Favorite leggings are the Lima Capri's, they seriously fit so well!
Another favorite top is the Norwalk Tank this one holds the "girls" up really well!
And last but not least, skinny headbands. These stay on my head the best out of all the headbands I've ever tried. Love love love Fabletics! Give them a try, see how you like them. 

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pool days.

Summer days at the pool have been awesome this past week. The weather has been hot and sunny! The water has felt great and it's so relaxing! The kids are major fishy's and love the water, I think Hadley is going to be just the same as her brother and sister. She's perfectly content floating around in her little floatie with her toys in hand. This child always has to have something in one hand at least. 

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start! 

around here.

around here we are taking more pictures together
around here dreaming of homes like this
around here having lunch outside 
around here in lots of traffic in the middle of the day
around here we are trying out new headbands...they almost fit!
around here taking more and more walks

around here this stats class is taking over my life.
around here Miss Hadley loves looking in the mirror after her bath

Happy Friday folks!  Enjoy the weekend wherever you may be!

k&m in july.

we celebrated 4th of july with family down the lake

they both started working out with a trainer

she loves it and so does he

she has had a tough month with a new sitter for Hadley

he has been helpful and understanding about it

she took Hadley shopping on her off day and was a champ

he has been going to lots of baseball games

they had a night out for the Luke Bryan concert

it was hot, but a blast!

hadley @ 8 months.

Happy 8 months to this little one!

She is...crawling everywhere...wants to stand up more than crawl...can walk while holding on to things...will walk if you hold her hands...sometimes one handed if she's sure of things...talking all the time...screams then laughs at herself...she's a thinker...you can see the wheels turning as she's taking in her surroundings...sleeping through the night more often than not...still has occasions where she gets up...loves the bathtub and playing with her toys...always has one toy in one hand...has fun at her new sitter and all the kids she's making friends with...haven't been in the pool much but when we are, she's so relaxed!

Love this little sweetie and so thankful for her everyday. 

oh luke.

This past weekend we went to the Luke Bryan - Kick the Dust Up concert! It was our first time seeing one of our favorite country singers and he was awesome. It was a great concert! Here is the before photo of us headed down for the festivities. The weather was incredibly hot, humid, and down right gross. We dressed comfortably which was out of my comfort zone for a concert, but glad I did because it was just too hot to care what we were wearing.
Before we headed to our seats, way up high lol we hung out on the lower level and listened to the bands that came on before Luke. Got something to eat, drank water and beer, and kinda stood in the shade.  
The bands that played beforehand were Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch, Randy Houser, and Florida Georgia Line!!! We did not go to our seats until Randy Houser started playing, and then when Florida Georgia Line came on? So good! I felt bad for all of them, it was 90+ degrees outside and they all had jeans/pants on. Guess country singers can't really wear shorts with a big ole belt buckle huh!
We went with my brother and his fiance. My brother has slowly started to like country more and more, it's not for everybody but we love it for sure! We had a blast together. Our seats were it totally different sections though.
Our seats were pretty high, but not bad at all. I liked how the stage was setup and not in the middle. It helped with the big screen TV's to see too. Once the sun went down, it felt amazing up there. The wind blowing and the music playing, just awesome.
After the concert, we hung out at a few bars and then the weather decided to torrential down pour so we stayed longer than we wanted to wait out the rain. It was such a great concert and so fun spending time alone with my hubby. Can't wait for the next one!

around here.

This week it's Hadley overkill with photos, but it's all I had in my phone from the week. Not much to say other than it's Friday! Busy weekend coming up! Hanging with the babe tonight, trying to find something to do that's outside, just hanging with Luke Bryan on Saturday (eek!), and celebrating my soon to be sister-in-law on Sunday! Fun times!  

Happy weekend!