k&m in january.

She can't believe they haven't taken one photo together for 2015 yet.

Considering having a newborn, guess that's how things roll.

He takes photos with Hadley when he's with her.

She takes a million photos with Hadley when she's with her.

They went to the local boat show to dream about some big boats.

Dreaming about big boats makes them both want summer to come quickly.

It's only January and the weather isn't getting any warmer anytime soon.

Probably going to get some snow soon.

He works nights while she's up at night with the babe.

Hoping the sleep time increases.

January has been a tiring month.

- Happy Friday folks! Have fun watching the Super Bowl aka new commercials!

a tour of Hadley's room.

Welcome to Hadley's room!

It was so fun putting this room together. My husband painted every wall, refinished the floors, hung the new fan, and painted the ceiling. We do not have a theme for the room, it's just colorful and fun!

When we were first thinking of ideas, I had the hardest time coming up with a theme. I hated every single butterfly, princess, flower I came across. I did not want the entire room to be themed where only a particular butterfly would match the decor.  I wanted anything to fit and flow with the room. So we went with a light gray paint for the walls, the actual color is called silver marlin by Behr. It was light enough to see it was a color, but nothing too drastic. The goal for the room is for the room to grow with Hadley.
The crib we went with is by Babyletto and we are so in love with it. I love the dark espresso trim along with the white spindles. Plus it only took my husband 15 minutes to put it together! Score!
The dresser is from Craigslist. I was so happy with this buy, it originally was plain wood and we, well I should say my husband painted it white and left the doors in the middle open to use for baskets for the diapers. We are using the dresser as a changing table so the dresser can grow with her. Eventually the changing pad will no longer be at the top of the dresser (obviously), it'll be a place for her to put her toys, things, etc.
This crate we are using to keep all of her books in for right now. Keeping it right outside of the reading nook to make the books easily accessible for the kids.
Natalie drew her little sister her very first piece of artwork and hung it on the wall in her room. I love it! I had her use washi tape so her and Brady can draw more pictures as they want to and swap them out.
The purple and yellow frame is one of my favorite's in her room, and the print of the little girl is from this etsy shop.  The follow your heart frame I bought at Hobby Lobby.
The letter "H" is another favorite of mine in her room! I shared how I made it on the blog this week. You can read more about it here.
For the little dog canvas, I mixed a few different blues together to make a turquoise type color and painted it on a plain white canvas.  The dog is supposed to be our Georgie poo. All I did was cut out an image of a rottweiler with scrapbook paper and then used modge podge to adhere it onto the canvas.
The little Hadley doll on the end table is from a co-worker of mine! I just love this doll! If you look closely it has her name monogrammed on her little dress....so cute!
You will notice in some of the pictures, a hairdryer on the nightstand next to the rocker. This child loves hair dryers, she will relax, calm down, and fall asleep to the loud sound of a hair dyer. So we have Natalie's laying right next to the rocker when we need to put her to sleep, it's within arms reach for sure.
The rocker was re-finished by my husband and the cushion was reupholstered by my Mom. The wood was a light oak type finish, and Kevin painted it white. The cushion was plain beige and I knew I wanted it yellow as a pop of color in the room. My Mom did an awesome job picking out the fabric and color. The grey pouf is from Target. The black/white, and purple placemats on the nightstand were sewn my yours truly!
For right now, we have her little toys she's accumulated in a little grey and white bin. Natalie can't wait until she's big enough to start playing with them all!
Her hamper is huge I know, but I wanted everything to be able to grow with her in the room. Now her closet? That's another issue...which needs some organization big time.
The curtains/sheers (whatever they are called) are from TJMaxx. I love how they look against the grey walls. The little clothes pin with "Baby Merz" on it is from her Aunt Amy and I use it to hold them together some days.
The frames above her dresser is another favorite of mine. Each print is from an Etsy shop that I will link to at the bottom of this post. I already had all of the frames on hand, just printed each one out and stuck them in there. My favorite is the middle one that says "h is for hadley".
The rug is also from...take a guess....Target! We wanted a black/white rug that had a pattern/design on it but had the hardest time finding one that was decently priced. All 4x6 sizes with patterns on them were crazy expensive so we liked this amour one and went with it.
And this is Miss Hadley's room!

Our little lady will love, sleep, play, and grow here. I can't wait!!!


h is for hadley.

For Hadley's room I decorated an H to hang up on the wall. So in love with how it turned out! I've been wanting to share her room here for so long, time has just never been in my favor the past two months. Before I share her room completely, I'd like to share the letter H I did... 
First thing I did was buy a plain H at Hobby Lobby, one of those cardboard letters that are about 7-8" tall? I don't know, I 'm totally guessing on the height.
Next I bought some fake flowers....which are not cheap!!! I went with bright colors like her room, and added in different shades of pink in there. When looking at the flowers, I had in mind to pick ones that looked like the petals could come off easily without falling apart. Some fell apart big time, and others stayed together really good. Really just hit or miss with fake flowers...
The fun part begins...I took my hot glue gun and started gluing the petals randomly together onto the H. I did not have any sort of pattern going on, all I did was pick different colors so no two petal was the same color next to each other.
Very happy with how this turned out! The longest part of the process was getting the petals off of the fake flowers and gluing them all onto the H. It took some time to place them all over, having to squeeze them all in without looking too bunchey.
The finished H is hanging on Hadley's wall with a yellow frame around it. I think it brings out the yellow in the flowers big time. I just happened to have the yellow frame hanging around the house not being used for anything, so it's perfect!

our chill weekend.


- Went to the boat show and dreamed about owning some really sweet boats.
- Had some margarita's afterwards. I could only drink one! 
- Miss Hadley slept the entire time Grandma watched her.

- went to Brady's basketball game. 
- ate an early lunch so Hadley could eat.
- chilled around the house all day, did laundry, tried to clean a little bit.
- she loves her new bathtub cushion, if interested I bought it off Amazon.

- went to church and breakfast, Hadley was awake the entire mass and didn't make a peep!
- attempted her 2 month photos that I'm doing each month. 
- cannot get over her hair, it's funny how it lays in the back.
- turned on Mickey Mouse to see if she'd watch or not, she was interested for about 10 minutes!

Super chill weekend for sure...ready to take on the week! Happy Monday!

around here.

around here the girls and I went to O'Charley's for dinner. Natalie ordered a sprite, I ordered a rum & coke, Hadley just chilled in her seat. Natalie toasted to "here's to a great dinner!" She was loving the one on one time.
around here this little one slept for 9.5 hours! Just a one night deal so far...
around here Grandma sends me pictures during the work day...I miss her so much while I'm away.
around here I pumped a lot of milk! This photo might be inappropriate but I don't really care lol I was so excited I pumped more than 1 or 2 ounces in a day!
around here we tried out her new bathtub thing in her bed, looks comfy.
around here Hadley got her 2 month shots, (insert sad face here) it was so hard to see her get them but she only cried for a few seconds and then was fine!
around here Hadley was pooped after her shots. I got lots of cleaning done this day!
around here Kevin sends me photos while I'm in class.
around here I love my car and it's XM on the radio, heard a new song by Keith Urban called "Raise em up"
around here smiles in her sleep are so sweet.
around here driving this gem to work so Kevin can have the luxury liner.

Happy Friday folks! Looking forward to this weekend for sure...