around here.

And we're through the week!

- Part of me thinks George knew I was having a rough week, so he was cuddling up right next to me and being all calm. It was so cute.
- Bought this "Blissfully Blended book on clearance and loving it, it has daily readings for stepmoms.
- Love getting movies at the library, I've watched them all but The Secretariat so far.
- New phone case is awesome.
- Baby Merz showed her face a little more than last time!
- Kids started school this week.
- After a busy off day, my husband took a little nap before he had to go into work and he fell asleep with his hand on my head, I couldn't stop laughing.
- Eating lunch outside is one of my faves.

Looking forward to the long weekend and having Monday off. We have no plans and that is okay by me. We'll see what happens, but for now I am anticipating lots of down time which is what I need.

Happy Friday everyone!

super emotional.

Pregnancy emotions. They are real and they are here.

Beware my friends....pregnancy can have a powerful effect on emotions, which can change by the minute.
This past week was a really rough one for me, my emotions were all over the board and I couldn't control them at all! I watched the old movie My Girl and when Thomas Jay's funeral scene came on I was balling, tears streaming down my face. I was like woah......this is definitely pregnant Mandy. Plus we've had some big life changing things happen like my husbands job, and it's been a little bit overwhelming dealing with it all.

Until you are pregnant, you cannot tell how easy or hard things will be for you. If you have a sense of being in control of your life, the unpredictable nature of pregnancy can be a rude awakening. They say to get as much sleep as you can, communicate your needs, and use social support. Well sometimes that isn't the easiest thing to do, and you feel you have to handle all these changes on your own. At least that's how I feel some days.   
The second trimester was a breeze, felt the best I've ever felt period. People would tell me I had the "glow" and life was just awesome. Then the third trimester hit and at 29 weeks I'm starting to see some changes in my moods big time. I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable, a little achy and at times sleep-deprived, and the hormones are really messing with me right now. Then I have to deal with complete strangers wanting to see my belly because I haven't gained much weight and then they ask "are you really pregnant?" YES people I am pregnant, their is a human being inside my belly trust me. Then theirs always the random people that come with lots of unwanted advice, that's always fun. It's a lot to take in. On top of all that, it's getting closer and closer to the end, which makes me nervous but hopeful.

Continuing to take deep breaths and trying to relax.  It's so exciting to await the arrival of a new little one, but also very nerve racking too!

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A few months ago I started taking walks with our dog George for him and for myself too. The walks wear him out for the day or night, depending on how long we walk for. We usually just do one loop around the block which is about 20ish minutes or so. Plus it's good for me to get out there and just get some simple exercise to get my blood pumpin! 

If you follow me on instagram...mjbloves you can find our walks via #walkswithgeorge. 

good vibes only.

Happy Monday!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is off to a great start.
A few lovely links for the start of a brand new week :
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+ in the kitchen : fruity drinks
+ gift idea : photo puzzles
+ so pretty : tufted rug
+ diy home decor : paper liners
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around here.

- Enjoyed dinner on the river, it was great weather outside.
- Went to my first "adults only" festival and it was a blast.
- The crib came.
- George laying on my lap with his paw on the wall.
- Laundry laundry laundry, never ending.
- Little one's closet is getting fuller.

The weekend is here and I hope to relax and take it easy. It's been a rough week so I hope to focus on taking care of myself and not doing much. Maybe catch up on Project Life or watch some movies.

Happy Friday.

k & m in august.

he ripped up the carpet in the basement.

she is happy the mildew smell is gone.

he saw her uncle's farm for the first time.

brought back memories of shearing the sheep for her.

he painted the baby's room!

she supervised.

he took her to dinner on the river.

she had a blast at an adults only festival.

they won big money!

she had her first baby shower.

while he played some volleyball.

they have had a busy month getting the house together.

diy cardboard road.

For my soon-to-be nephew's 2nd birthday, I made him a spur of the moment homemade gift. This little boy is obsessed with cars, anything cars he's in love. So I googled homemade gifts for 2 year old boys and found this idea on the imagination tree.
I had a few empty cardboard boxes just laying around so I decided to use those. Just cut them up into different size pieces and went to town.
Cut out long rectangular pieces, shorter rectangular pieces, and then two half circles, and then a half circle cut in half for the corners.

Painted each cardboard piece with regular black acrylic paint.
While each piece dried I made the white lane line markers. Drew them freehand on regular computer paper. The longest part of this project was cutting out each little white square.
I used adhesive tape to put the white lane markers on each cardboard piece. Don't worry about the lines being perfectly straight, because they surely don't matter to a 2 year old.

When he opened the gift he loved it, although he was overwhelmed with all the other car gifts he had to play with as well.  It was an easy homemade gift that I threw together at the last minute for his birthday party.

Sometimes the easy last minute gifts end up being the best!