hadley got baptized.

Yesterday this little one got baptized. It's a little hard to see but her Grandma Gail had this bib made for her, it has an embroidered cross. her name, and the date of the baptism.  It's so cute!
Hadley's godparents are my brother Adam, and my Aunt Amy.
She fell asleep right before it was time to get the water poured on her and she woke up as soon as the water hit her little head. She was the only kid to cry too!
I love Father Jim who did the baptism, he was just recognized for the NCEA distinguished pastor award! He is so friendly and very nice.
Little Kaiden sat on Brady's lap the majority of the ceremony. 
I am so mad at myself for not taking many pictures of the reception! My Mom, Brady and I worked our butts off setting it all up and I failed to take any pictures of it all.
The cakes were from Servati's and they were oh so good! See all the little crosses on the table? Brady put those on the table for us. He was such a big help. He loaded up all the coolers with pop, beer, and ice. He helped Grandma Gail cut the flowers for each table. He placed all the centerpieces in the right place. And when it was time to clean up, he helped put everything in the trash, put all the bags in the big dumpster, he helped tremendously and I'm so grateful for him.
Hadley with her cousin Pennie, just ten months apart!
All the girls on my side of the family =)
Grandma Gail with sleeping Hadley.
My cousin Patrick.
My brother and godfather Adam, with Kaiden, Pennie, and cousin Lauren.

It was a beautiful day for a baptism, Hadley was so good.
Thank you everyone who came to celebrate!

around here.

around here Hadley loves to play with her feet.
around here having some blue moons for birthday celebrations.
around here a big tree fell during some pretty crazy storms.
around here Hadley is taking selfies with her papa.
around here looking at some pictures from Easter makes me smile.
around here she sleeps like a champ at her Grandad's house.

Happy Friday! So glad it's the weekend. We are getting ready for a fun filled weekend of basketball, baseball, and baptism celebrations. Fun fun! 

happy easter & opening day 2015.

We had a busy fun-filled weekend! Started off our Easter morning by going to church and arriving at our normal time...5 minutes early which resulted in standing room only! Should've known. After church we headed to my parents for brunch, egg hunt, and an adult pinata.
Next we headed to Kevin's family and spent the afternoon with them.
It was a great Easter, with good weather and good company.
Yesterday was the start of baseball! My husband's favorite sport and baseball means spring and summer is here! The weather was great for the parade, and just a little rain delay during the game but it went away sooner than later and we had a great time. Little Hadley slept through most of the parade, with the loud noises and all. 

around here.

around here Hadley is getting lots of tummy time.
around here she is more interested in watching George than finishng her bottle.
around here Grandad watched Hadley for a few hours.
around here Hadley fell asleep on her back/side for just a few minutes. She's a stomach sleeper.
around here we love our walks.
around here I am getting used to my new workspace.
around here I have managed to keep a plant alive.

Happy Friday and Happy Easter!

k&m in march.

Another month is over today and this was the only picture we took together.

Life is a bit busier now with a baby, not much time for selfies lol

They went to their second movie together this month.

She snapped a photo of course, with the flash off.

He is no longer working nights.

She is thrilled to pieces.

March has been another long month.

Hoping for warmer weather and longer days.

Happy last day of March folks!

happy monday.

This little lady is such a joy to be around. She is always happy, and always smiling (unless she's tired or hungry of course). She is such a calm and content baby, and I hope that is her personality as she grows up. I just love her so much. It's hard to describe the feeling until it happens to you. How you can love someone so much its indescribable, is amazing to me. Everyday when I get off work, I can't wait to leave and go pick her up. I can't wait to see her smiling face. I can't wait to hug her. I can't wait to kiss her. It's amazing being her Mom. To know that she will always and forever depend on me.  I love it.

From the time Hadley was born till now four months later, time really does go by so fast. I always hear everyone saying how fast babies grow, but it really is crazy how fast it goes. She can now hold her head up, not quite sit up by herself but can if she's leaning on something, she tried her first taste of cereal. She's not too sure about it so we stopped for now and will try again soon. She outgrows her clothes by the month it feels like. Out of everything, I'd have to say the clothes drives me nuts the most. When we go to put an outfit on her and find the pants are too tight, or the sleeves are too short, drives me a little crazy but you always have to buy clothes the next size up. I'm just not the best at keeping up with it!

The photo above is from our day yesterday, after church we went shopping and she was so good! I tried on massive clothes, and she just hung out in her seat happy as can be. This is just a random post for a random Monday morning, but it's what's on my mind all the time. If we had a bigger house, I would have 5 more haha maybe. She's just awesome.

Hope everyone has a great week...

around here.

around here we are getting kisses from Daddy.
around here Hadley got her 4 month shots.
around here she is still all smiles even after getting shots.
around here Kev and I are packing lunches everyday.
around here we had lunch with our Aunt Amy.
around here we tried cereal for the first time. Not sure she's a fan yet.
around here the cereal conked her out.
around here Hadley tried a new toy out and loved it.
around here I am wishing for warmer days to come very soon.

Happy Friday!!!