around here.

around here Hadley loves to play with my makeup bag.
around here this picture is one of my favorites, even though its blurry. The look on Hadley's face is priceless.
around here did a little sewing for St. Patty's Day! Tutorial coming next month.
around here we sat outside for a few getting some fresh air. Hadley didn't want to go back inside!
around here had happy hour / dinner with my friend Jonelle. Trying out new places.
around here coloring valentines day pages.
around here went to the UC basketball game with my brother and sister-in-law! Go Bearcats!

Looking forward to the Super Bowl this weekend. I wish it was on earlier in the day, but still hoping for some good commercials this year. Happy Friday, have a great weekend.

a short story about a bum cake.

When I first lived in the best apartment ever, my boyfriend at the husband used to work nights, security actually. It was the worst. He was always tired, and the weekends were rough when we had the kids. Finally, he works a regular first shift job! Back to the story...we used to cook lots of dinners together so one night we baked a cake!

When he would go into work at night, he would see lots of homeless people on the streets, some the same, some new, and some random. He had this idea that we should bake a cake and give it to one of those people. Probably not the best word to use, but we called it a bum cake. Once a week, we would bake a cake, and he would offer it up to the people he would see on his way into work. It was a perfectly nice cake, typically yellow cake with chocolate frosting. We would put aluminum foil over to cover it, and protect it in the car.  Then he tried offering it to random people, and the most strangest part about all of this? Not one single person would take the cake! Not one! Isn't that crazy?

If these people are homeless, living on the streets, holding signs to help them, etc., then why not take a perfectly rather large serving of cake for one person to eat?  Maybe they thought it was bad, or was poisonous, I don't know. We were trying to do something nice, but nobody took the cake.

It was a fun little story to tell.  Something we'll remember for a long time and still laugh about!

52 weeks of Hadley : 5/52.

I'm going to be taking one photo of Hadley every week for a year in 2016. Nothing fancy.
No background setups. No fancy props. Just Hadley in everyday life.

Photo 5 of 52.

football table runner.

Over the weekend, I managed to squeeze in a bit of crafting! And for what? The Superbowl! We are not having a crazy party or anything but I thought it would be fun to have a little bit of football decor to get excited about the big game!
The supplies you'll need are super easy and super cheap. I already had everything at home except the green felt, and they are a quarter a piece! 
I am notorious for using whatever pieces of paper I have nearby. So I found a copy of my benefits statement and literally hand drew a football and cut it out. You could've googled a football stencil, printed out the stencil, then cut that out but I just drew it myself and was done. Might not be perfect, but it worked for me.
Next, I traced the football stencil on the brown felt and then cut out the brown football. Using sewing scissors helps tremendously when cutting felt.
Next were the white strips for the football. You can leave the football plain, or you can add more detail and add laces in the middle of the football. I just added the white strips on either side. I took the scrap pieces of paper leftover from the football stencil, and measured how long the strip should be by placing the piece of paper on the brown felt football. The strips are not perfect by any means, totally up to you how perfect you want your project to be. 
Next, I hot glued together four pieces of green felt. You can make this however long you'd like, depending on the table or space you plan on putting the table runner on. 
Next were the strips! This part took the longest. I measured how wide the green felt pieces were, and then did the strips a little longer on each side so they could be glued to the back to look a little nicer. Totally up to you how many strips you do. You can even get fancy and add yard numbers!
Then I glued the ends of each strip to the back.

Very happy with how this turned out! Very easy DIY project that can easily be done in a day let alone a few hours. I have plans to make mini footballs as coasters if I have some time this week! 

(Found this idea on : Baby Lock)

happy love month.

This little saying was in my planner for the beginning of February, so I revamped it in PhotoShop Elements. Love that saying.  Happy February folks. Love the start of a new month.

Planner source: Orange Circle Studio

50 things that make me happy.

(in no particular order)

1. the smell of suntan lotion
2. 1st day of a month
3. target
4. blogging
5. rum & coke
6. traveling
7. my sweet hadley mae
8. the beach
9. baking
10. my husband
11. watching movies
12. going to the movie theater if my husband would stay awake
13. spending time alone
14. christmas
15. cereal for dinner
16. white cheese
17. purple roses
18. post-it notes
19. freshly cut grass
20. swimming
21. sunshine
22. clean sheets
23. getting hair done
24. spell check
25. my daughters laugh
26. seeing how much hadleys grandparents adore her
27. flying with kev
28. sound of the ocean waves
29. concerts
30. getting the perfect photo
31. my family
32. mint chocolate chip ice cream
33. a full nights sleep
34. chipolte
35. my step-kids Brady & Natalie
36. driving with the sunroof open & the sun shining in
37. looking at my wedding pictures
38. porch sittin
39. birthdays
40. reading hadley a book (even if its for 30 seconds right now)
41. doing anything arts & crafts related
42. nivea lotion
43. my wedding ring
44. memories from my grandparents
45. making memories for hadley
46. even our dog george
47. boating
48. making lists
49. crossing things off my lists
50. being me

52 weeks of Hadley : 4/52.

I'm going to be taking one photo of Hadley every week for a year in 2016. Nothing fancy.
No background setups. No fancy props. Just Hadley in everyday life.

Photo 4 of 52.